Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Sunning Celebs, no, what the...?

Anyone thinking like me that we will have to throw the book and the wellies at those celebs who have flouted, yes FLOUTED, the Covid rules? There is not a day when you won’t see some photo of a Z-lister in the papers sunning themselves on some far-flung beach. Sure, they can afford it and I cannot but I am following the rules. I applied to have the money back I spent on tickets to Holland. I had it back minus costs. So, what’s the difference? Ah yes, I forgot, no sun in Holland and no chance to parade my glorious body on the beach by the North Sea. Well, does it sound like I’m the jealous type? In one way yes, and in another, no!

So, listen Rita, you were out of order in a big way, you are a lead, an example for many and failed miserably. So, take your two week ‘relaxation’ in Aussieland and start thinking about how to behave in a responsible manner. Frankly that goes for all celebs who think that Covid-19 does not concern them and that they can do whatever comes into their tiny brain.

It should by now be abundantly clear that wearing masks and keeping distance plus frequent hand-washing does make a big difference. So, celebs get your act together and show us all why we should look up to you!

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