Saturday, 13 February 2021

Save the planet? But how if you want normal?

As I drink my morning coffee I cannot help but think how ill-informed and stupid a lot of people can be. I might not be the cleverest dog on the planet but some of those in power astound me.

So far so good but they show a complete misunderstanding of how a society actually exists. The problems that we are now having to face are these, firstly to combat Covid and possibly related diseases. Secondly, climate change. This has raised two problems, inclement weather patterns and getting worse, and rising sea-levels.

To claim, as we can read in all the newspapers, ‘we MUST get back to normal’, and not spell out what normal means, is practical suicide. Normal so far I think has brought us to the precipice staring us in the face. Unbridled capitalism, greed and avarice being humanity’s smiling face. OK, now we know but do we know what to do about it? Are we able to, can we re-design our living pattern? Will we be prepared for less? Because that is what it will mean. We will need to grow more of our own food, fruit and other things. We will have to put hard cash into research, robotics, demographics. It will mean curtailing immigration, followed by very high standards in education because we need scientists, engineers, the lot! We do need toilet cleaners, so let’s invent toilets that clean themselves. You see the argument? Insofar population is concerned we have overstepped what can really be supported. To say we need more immigrants doing the menial tasks is plain ridiculous whilst at the same time allowing nearly 2 million unemployed! So, yes we need to change. But more than anything we need people in power of the right calibre. We don’t need charlatans, or woofty speakers nor even sniffy dressed Eton marvels. By sniffy you know what I mean? Correct, drug addled hooray Henry's. Change it all, do the right thing and indeed, save the planet!

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