Monday, 15 February 2021

One Universe, two, three, thousands? Uncountable? Precisely!

As an avid reader of Quora both English and Dutch I noted the discussion concerning whether the Universe was finite or infinite. Interesting? Yes, it damn well is! Obviously there will be some who say ‘Why bother with this, there are enough problems on this planet as it is’!

That is undeniably true but I do think that it is good to figure our place within the scheme of things. And no friends, I am not going to talk about God although I am a Christian and go to Church as permitted by Covid-19 or not. No, it is important because it will give us a much better idea how the world came to be an more so how it might become. Again, at the moment we do not treat our world very well either so it might be prudent to figure out our standing within the Universe or more specifically our solar system. Most people observe the starry heavens and think no further, what they see is all there is. No friends, it is not. What you see is the ‘Observable Universe’. As a picture put on a previous post shows, it is globular and we are right in the centre of it. Why is that? Because from our viewpoint we see all around to the exact distance our eyes or their aids like telescopes, will allow. However, there is much more ‘outside’ of that . The Quora question says this: Einstein’s theories say that our universe is a manifold which is just a fancy word for a shape with certain mathematical properties. This theory admits that our universe could be just one part of a much larger cosmos, a bubble in a much larger cauldron so to speak. This is mathematically possible while there is no evidence for it. We cannot see into that outer cosmos by any known method. That outer cosmos would be outside of what is called the observable universe and thus not observable to us. Great! And this comes to what I think about as well. We are in a universe amongst many and possibly infinite universes. Each contained within its ‘bubble’. It might just be that on another plane we are a ‘Quark’. With two other Quark universes close by. It begins to sound like on another plane the whole thing about us is that we live in just an atomic particle of a much bigger set-up. I am tired now I need a stiff drink and go to sleep. Doesn't it just put us to rights? Cheers!

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