Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Is David Attenborough right? Sure he is!

Well,well, well, a little bit of good news such as the UK’s vaccination programme doing extremely well and thousands flock to the travel agents to book a foreign holiday. So far so good? Well Europe is not free from Covid and their vaccination programme is woeful! So, I don’t want to be a grumpy so and so but I am afraid if you pay money for a holiday now you may lose it. Europe is ready to put bans on travel almost everywhere. I would just wait until the politicians finally get their act together, stop talking nonsense and deal with this pandemic properly.

As David Attenborough has indicated it is us humans who are killing the planet, nobody else. And for my thinking it is flying all over the place that is a big part in this killing process. Flying, driving, it all puts tonnes of CO2 into the air. Dirty industry another. And what is worse we really have the technology to do better, in fact we could ban the internal combustion engine today! Or at least we could ban the use of oil! Looking at how society is and has become, certainly in the western world, Europe, parts of Asia, the Americas, the Middle East I think Mr Attenborough is right, global warming, climate change in other words, is a threat to security. A threat to all our existence. The existence of life on this planet. Are we going down as the generation that killed the only life in the solar system? Even perhaps the only life in the galaxy? We do not know if there is other life, we have never heard of or seen it but even so we should really start thinking about our actions. And part of that is considering our appetites for foreign travel!

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