Thursday, 4 February 2021

Can you remember what you said two years ago? Yes, I can....if I see the film.

Who doesn’t just love to take the mick out of politicians? I do! I suppose to have a bit of fun about those people who think they know it all, who believe they are better than you, who actually believe what they say is the absolute truth, that's ok! Take Sir Starmer, yes him the previous spy boss (God help us!) supposedly a clever man but he couldn’t remember what he said a few years ago about some European Medicine outfit. PM Boris mentioned this and an outraged Sir Keir called him a liar. Hahaha yes, ain’t that funny, one politician calling another one a liar. That’s for the comics in the Apollo, London stage! But I suppose Sir is in a bit of trouble, he is leading a party that has lost its Raison d'être! It’s no longer representing us, the working man and woman. Yes, the working class and the Liberal party is nowhere to be seen either. So, we all went for patriotism and voted Conservative. Even though normally we don’t like Conservatism. I have a jaundiced eye, voted Conservative with two hands in my pocket, holding the pencil between clenched jaws. What’s more looking at today’s Labour party it was the right thing to do. It is led by London ultra-leftie liberals who know as much as a three toed sloth and move as fast. Let me say this Sir Keir, if you want my vote look at what excites me, what concerns me, how I exist in this country of high taxation, little opportunity and multiply that a million-fold. If you can change the society to a more egalitarian one, and reduce the government apparatus. Less nanny lawmaking and above all let’s see if you can manufacture a proper Constitution! Then I might change my vote. Over and out!

Ed Taking the 'mick' means poking fun. Slang expression.

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