Wednesday, 13 January 2021

What is important?

As the Covid virus rampages around the planet I started wondering if it was really all that important in the greater scheme of existence. Obviously it is important at our level of existence, for who wants to die needlessly? But in the greater scheme of things, the Universe is absolutely humungous, in fact there are no words to describe the magnitude of it all. At that level planet Earth and all that is on it means zilch, nada, nothing at all. Our solar system is less than a virus particle within the known cluster of galaxies that comprise our neighbourhood. Even within our own galaxy we do not count for much at all. Even within our solar system we are but a pinprick on its fabric. As humans we might have to rethink our raison-de-être, our so-called importance and re-align our behaviours and attitude. Looking at the various websites showing research carried out and with the resultant pictures from the Hubble Space telescope will quickly dispel any thoughts of how big we are here. The picture here is the idea of the observable Universe. It is globular because from Earth we see all around to the same distance. In other words we are the centre of our observable Universe. But it is thought that there is much more. Google it on the web and you will be astounded how big it all is!


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