Sunday, 17 January 2021

I could be bored this time....

With this interminable lock-down scenario we're all experiencing we have lots of time to start thinking. And that started me off thinking about time! It might be because I am bored? Obviously and as far as I see it time is part of life, I had a beginning and I will have an end, all positioned along a nice time line. Years go by, second by second but that is human time, the way we experience it. It is different for an ant. Different for a whale. If the solar system was a thinking being how would it experience time? It moves so much faster within time and then the galaxy, galaxy systems and for us finally, our universe because there could be many more (the multiverse idea). How would a thinking universe view time? Would it have a thought process wherein one thought would take millions of our years? But for it, its thoughts would take as long as ours here.

In other words, that existence is on a whole new plane, and at a much slower pace. If it knew us we would be less than ants to it, short fleeting existence over before it even has begun. It puts our existence in a whole new light if you start thinking like that. It also shows that as we are capable of such thought and formulation of ideas we are worth preserving and not ending up like the dinosaurs. For all I know the universe has started in a flash and at that level ends just as quickly but in the meantime, we exist. Simply because we are only aware of our own niche. Our experience of time is different from the universe' experience of time. Just ask the ant in your garden what it thinks? It will probably tell you, you are a giant who seems to live for ever!

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