Thursday, 28 January 2021

How many dead did you say?

As is pretty usual in this country, it seems now that the Covid rules are strengthening, no-one can get out and all who want to get in must pay £1,500 for a nice hotel at the seaside when an Atlantic storm is expected. This is the UK. But despite the row with the EU about AstraZeneca’s supply of the vaccine jabs not being enough and wants the British supply, things are going well! At least we are not yet looting all the shops like in the Netherlands whose people think they are the coolest in the world, we are just sitting at home drinking Yorkshire tea and dreaming of sun drenched alcoholic holidays on some Spanish beach. All you hear on radio GaGa (sorry, BBC) is that 100,000 people have died here. Next question, why? Because we are an 'overweight, elderly, sick country people', said a politico to Piers Morgan on one of the morning’s news programs. Just looking at the statistics, they may have a point. As I have mentioned before in other posts as well, we are a heavily overpopulated country, 68 million and even worse mostly urbanised. Meaning too many of us live in cities. Is it any wonder then that we have the most deaths from Covid? You only have to look how it is transmitted. Yes, people, it goes from person to person that are in close contact! That do not wear masks and don’t wash their hands. Probably 50% of the UK’s population. So, let’s stop blaming the government, God, Jesus, and the neighbour’s cat. Blame each and everyone of us living in good ol’ Blighty. Those who have flouted the simple instructions to stay home. Those who flocked to the seaside for a walk they never did before, those celebrities who flaunt their status, ‘Hey, look how I work on a beach in St Tropez’. Those politicians who walked away mouthing all the right things and then did exactly the opposite. Yes, all those! That is why there are 100,000 deaths and more to come. It is really a terrible statistic, our inability to control our appetites, our attitude of ‘It’s my right’, our failure to control our lives within nature. But I believe, we are now seeing the price exacted.

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