Sunday, 31 January 2021

History? Does it exist? Hmmm..............

For once a bit of sensible news on BBC’s Ceefax service. Kwasi Kwarteng, the first coloured man to head a government department and why not, is reported as having said that BLM (Black Lives Matter) should not wish to change the history of the colonial period. Absolutely right, in any case you cannot change history but all could learn from it. To withdraw from learning about such periods of human history is absolute tosh and frankly does not do much for the standing of movements such as BLM. In fact I always look on such movements with a jaundiced eye. To wish to destroy statues has a negative impact, indeed so has the so-called ‘bend the knee’ before football matches. I am sorry if I am upsetting some readers but I ask ‘What is the purpose, what is the general outcome and has it changed the world?’ Answer-not known, nothing and no. So, Kwasi is absolutely correct in that banning or ignoring history is not the way forward.

I am of the same opinion about those who state quite openly that the Holocaust never happened. That is despite the overwhelming evidence it had and did! There are even people who believe there is no corona virus, Covid-19 is a fallacy and it is a way of governments exerting total control over people. Do I hear some of Trumpian ideas here? There are however very interesting beliefs going round and I wonder sometimes who dreams these up? Don’t get me started, I have plenty of new fresh ideas.

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