Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Forests? I cannot see the wood for the trees...

Mostly you just read regurgitated rubbish or late news on the BBC Ceefax (Red Button) system. They don’t refresh much but sometimes there are newsworthy items and this morning I read one! It was about how important forests are to Earth. Well, I wonder how that bit of news came about, I have known this for years. But tell this to the likes of the US and the Brazilian presidents? Frankly it is too late by far, the damage that has already been done is not going to be reversed by planting a few more spruce trees in Scotland or one tree in my garden. It will take a massive effort to ‘repair’ the biosphere. For a start there will have to be a ban on any further clearing of the Amazon rain forest and the forests in Mid-Africa. Also the taiga needs looking at because as the permafrost is thawing the indigenous trees are dying. New types need planting. As the short report on BBC Ceefax said, we need to plant the right trees in the right areas. To put palms in Siberia might be a good idea but there will be no coconuts! The bare hills of Wales will need a make-over and forget the Norwegian Christmas trees, we need native broadleaf trees, birch, beech and above all OAKS! So, perhaps if the power people have got out of bed with the right foot first, maybe then we can start the project of properly ‘saving the planet’. For I am sorry to have to say this but the power people i.e politicians and moneyed supergiants, have let the human race down badly! All in the name of money, money, money. Yes, it’s not funny! But I can say this that although these people will have billions in their accounts, in the end like Dagobert Duck swimming in it, there will be nothing left to spend it on. I hope the taste of gold will be as nutritious as the coconuts that came out of Siberia. Not!

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