Sunday, 10 January 2021

Don't let democracy die!

 Many times we have looked at how politicians act, behave, what they say. We have been critical.  We have been aghast, and we have been pleased. All at the same time. It is a strange world after all. I have said in a previous post that democracy seems to have had its time. Bearing in mind, recalling what happened in Washington, the behaviour of one of the most powerful men on Earth, you would agree with me that democracy if not dead, is dying. As was pointed out by Ian Austin - ex Labour MP (in the Sun Sunday editorial) could what happened in Washington happen here? His answer - Yes, it could easily. It could if we continue to appease the hard Leftie mob. We appease almost everything and everybody nowadays. Jew haters have a field day, and why they do so only God knows. There is no rationale for it at all. There are shocking attacks on many Labour and Conservative MPs who dare to voice their concern. John O'Connell openly incited violence as did Jeremy Corbyn. Too many fall inline with extremist views for fear of losing their job. It is time to weed all this out. Now that this behaviour has really shown its ugly face it is time for all of us who believe in democracy and free speech but with a responsible attitude and behaviour, to stand up and for once be counted!

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