Wednesday, 6 January 2021

A New Year's wish and view..

 First of all, let me say happy New Year to all my readers! I'm sure it will be a good year because the medics have developed a pretty good vaccine now for the Covid virus and let's hope this will help in bringing back some normality to life. But blimey, I am so not impressed with people's attitude, generally speaking as recently displayed in Wales. As you might know we are in a Tier 4 lock-down presently. Yes, not a nice state to be in but we must do something to alleviate the problems that have come our way, thanks to the Covid-19 virus inclusive its off-shoots. We should not make a mistake thinking it will all blow over, that it's not all that important. Still I wonder about the mind-set of people. The first talk about snow on the hills and thousands run to the hills to see a snowflake. Forgotten are the masks, enjoy the cold. Certainly, under normal circumstances, the hills of Wales will see a few walkers at this time of the year but not the parking calamity shown this time. How is it that simple advice from scientists, medical profession and government is not understood? I am not stupid, I understand that cities like London are a hotbed for the virus. The Tube alone will kill hundreds, the few smallish green spaces are not enough to exercise 9 million people. The housing is mostly pre-war, even Victorian! So, it is understandable people want to get out. But it is the price that has to be paid for living in cities. High living standards, yes but no resistance to diseases like Covid. So, let's take more care, get the vaccine and adjust to the new way of living together.

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