Monday, 21 December 2020

The kin of Covid-19 has arrived....Welcome, please take a seat....

Depressed are you? Today? Well, after the usual BBC (Bugg**ed By Covid station )tally of the dead and the number who have found to be positive with the virus, you will be excused. Go and get yourself a stiff drink. I find it incredible how the media talk down the UK. Take this so-called 'new' Covid strain. You have to excuse me, I think whatever strain is as virulent as another. Where is the data? Hmmm, oh I left that in my cupboard, sorry forgot to bring it to Dr Death and sidekick. Get real people, any Covid is as bad as another. It is people who don't think the rules apply to them who have been guilty of spreading the virus, of whatever strain. It is the government, its indecision, its lateness in understanding what we are dealing with. It is journalists like Trevor Kavanagh who constantly states that we should just carry on regardless. Never mind the death rate which could be astronomical, leaving the UK without many older people. Older people who are somebody's grandma or grandpa. He says, the economy is too important to play with, to lock-down. Lock-downs don't work. But now the whole country is not just locked-down, it is locked-out! Basically from saying we have another strain of the virus. Yes? So what, what's the difference exactly? Oh, you catch it quicker. So how do you do that? Ah, stop mingling with other people. No, really? You could have fooled me. You know, I like being sarcastic but our betters have as much a clue about it as I do and that is zero, nada, nil.

So, maybe Trevor is right after all, lock-downs obviously do not work. Simply because too many don't follow the recommended guidance, and that is not likely to change. The death toll will just continue and possibly take a lot more older people and people with underlying health conditions. Watch this Christmas when a quarter of the population will simply ignore the 'Stay at home' advice.

Time to have a hard look at how we can, if at all, deal with a virus which has no opposition. Meaning it can spread wherever we, humans, go. Despite lock-downs or lock-outs.

Edit: Not only two variants, it's already three! 

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