Thursday, 3 December 2020

Slebs have a fair deal? Yeah, sure..

 We live in strange times - Covid times I call it. It means the plebs, that's you and me, abide by all the rules and celebs do not. The mindset of those below thirty is something like 'Nothing can happen to me, Covid only affects oldies. And why do we need oldies? They've had their life, time to die baby! Or thoughts to that effect. I find it very interesting to observe society. Obviously there are many strata in society, from the upper echelons, aristocrats and dumbos (another word for celebrities or Z-listers) to the pleb levels. Plebs are the workhorses of society. Whipped from sun-up to sun-down. They earn all the money, everybody else leeches from it. When I think of Marx - was he really, really a communist? - and his ideas on economics, he thought similar things. There are those who 'earn' the money or rather are made to slave for it and then there are those who simply acquire it by nefarious means. That is to say, they do not work, they sit like a ponderous elephant on top of the backs of those that do work. They can be either employers, or those like aristocrats who 'need' looking after. Or lawyers and solicitors, the leeches of our society. Am I going off the point here? Well maybe but the point about the strata in society is a fair one. Take a good-looking sleb like Rita Ora, who thinks she is a tad above all of us. Covid is of no concern to her, she must have her birthday bash, yes sir! And here came the other slebs, congratulating her on taking a stand against unfair laws! Wonderful, let me say this, except for seeing some pictures in the usual newspapers, she is eminently forgettable. Body yes, brain no. Sadly she is far from alone. Time to take a good look at the Sleb culture we have built.

Ed -  It seems that Ms Ora is now hell-bent on finding out who shopped her. It was not me but I'd like to know who did and give him/her a medal! 

The latest report is, she has fled the UK to do some 'work' in the Balkans. Perhaps she might decide to stay there permanently. I would not shed a tear, or may be just one. I did like her photos.

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