Friday, 18 December 2020

Merry Christmas everybody!

 The naffest thing you will ever see is photographs of Z-listers (celebrities who think they are celebrities) with a carton of coffee in one hand and in the other support the latest mobile phone. Oh, and if there is room there will be a toy-dog as well. Apparently this is now THE in-thing if you need to be seen. God help us. Poor dogs. I suppose with the looming Christmas lock-downs we will see thousands of toy-dogs running along the streets looking bewildered as they cannot find cups of coffee, ditched by the Z-listers. In the meantime I'm bracing myself for some more rain. What am I saying - deluge is what I meant to say. The garden here is so sodden that more rain is just drowning my sub-tropical herbals. Ah well, hopefully they'll survive. I have though put my pip-grown tangerine treelets in-house. It might have escaped your notice but is this amount of rain normal? Methinks not, warmer air can hold loads more moisture so in my mind global warming is not Russian fake news. It is undoubtedly real, please someone tell Mr American president soon to be not president. But when I look around I do not see many people very worried. They still throw all sorts of plastic waste, cellophane in particular, all over the streets. Discarding left-over Chinese food including polystyrene wrappings. Moreover, fouling the air we all breathe by driving idiotedly fast along roads with cars parked both sides so that you can only go one direction at a time. Belching out carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide plus a host of lovely minute particles every second. No wonder asthma is very prevalent around here in the narrow South Wales valleys. But we are still building more and more houses, despite failing or non-existing infra-structure (doctors/dentists). Well, have a nice Christmas friends, I will have an extra large cognac to drown my sorrows and afterwards I will dance naked in the rain-sodden garden singing Merry Christmas Everybody!

Ed. Noticing the word naffest (naff=a bit stupid, unsophisticated) and treelets - my idea of a small seedling tree. Naff is slang and treelets does not exist in the Oxford Dictionary but it is now in mine.

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