Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Marooned? Where... What were you doing in Outer Mongolia?

So, with the knowledge that Covid has sex as well, a new baby has arrived apparently and possibly more to come, what next? With the borders shut-down as done by nearly 50 countries, led by the French of course, thousands of Brits are marooned. It is basically, let's admit it, complete CHAOS! But it also shows, sorry marooned Brits, but were you wise? To go travelling for whatever purpose viewing governments' all over Europe handling of the crisis? They change their rules at a whim, at the insistence of the psycho-babbling scientists who to say the least, have not come out looking too great but we can look at that after we have all been vaccinated. My recommendation is - very simple - retire or sack them forthwith. Get rid of all the over 50's and appoint some of the brilliant 30+ers we have here in the UK. In the meantime all those now marooned - sorry it's your own fault, you should have known that the situation is very unstable. I have family in good old Holland. I haven't seen them now for nearly two years. I had tickets to go to Schiphol, Amsterdam last Easter but luckily managed to get the money back (minus the insurance premium). Hopefully this will not be the end, but I will not go although I could. There are always ways and means to solve any problem but no, I have decided to follow the recommendations so far issued by the Welsh government. The Welsh government has not done badly so far. Don't applaud me, I am just doing what I think is prudent. Not to be a carrier or someone who thoughtlessly becomes a spreader of something that could be and in many cases is, nasty. Keep with it, stay safe this Christmas.

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