Thursday, 3 December 2020

Leftie Lawyers run amok...

 A sad day for our nation, leftie lawyers, some of the paid-up Labour party members (of course they are) have now taken to defend rapists, murderers and drug dealers. Citing human rights, mentioning their high blood pressure so they cannot fly back to their country where they were born. Yep, a sad day that this country educate people to such professions as the law and this is how we end up. It is a travesty that the law, Law (with a capital L) has to suffer such idiocy. What about all those who had to suffer the harm meted out by those criminals? Why do we have to harbour these sad and vile emanations of the human race? They came to the UK with just one thing in mind, crime, drugs, sex. That's what they heard in the country they came from. Anything goes in the UK, girls are just asking for it, you can become a millionaire just dealing drugs. Come to the Gold coast boys, come to the UK. It is high time that yes, we do have a good hard look at our society. Because simply said, if we do not we can expect many more such people to come, including terrorists. We need proper, sound law making, not the woolly-headed cr*p that Labour party oriented lawyers think. Or other soft-bellied Etonesque types, with whisky-muddled brains. I am not advocating bringing back the noose but eh.... OK maybe strapping to a chair with wires hanging from it. If we are wanting a proper society then there have to be proper laws to govern it. There is no room for woolliness or prevarication about laws that are governing society. Laws like responsibility for actions. If stealing you would have to make repairs. If killing you have to lose yours. Hard? Of course it is, just look at life in all its colours. Life on Earth is not simple, it is not cosy, it is not soft. It is good to care for those who fall by the wayside, as much as can be but again it is and should not be, a soft option. Change it PM if you can, but first get rid of the Human Rights ACT and supplant it with a proper one!

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