Wednesday, 23 December 2020

How was 2020?

 A good question to ask is 'How are we going to end 2020?' Because it hasn't been particularly good I suppose. It is not all down to Covid-19 but we can also thank poor decision making by various governments. France's in particular does not come out very well. But politically speaking 2020 has not been a good year despite Boris' good majority in Parliament. A lot was hoped but very little materialised. It seems that we have bred a very poor strain of politician. Political life must be under review and not before time. Even so, the year has not been entirely wasted. In education we have a good chance to get used to new ways of teaching, and also put more importance on the Sciences. It is remarkable how we have dumbed down into arts subjects and used these to gauge standards. Let me say this, an A* in Home-economics does not excite the ghost of Einstein. Although it would be good to know the difference between a sirloin and a rump steak. It might set one up for a lucrative career in commenting on TV cook shows. The funny thing is also that the weather was brilliant for a long time whilst the lock-down was in progress! Now, I am not complaining but I am afraid a lot of people, too many, were feeling the pinch because despite government promises of support it was not easy to obtain that support. Especially for the self-employed.

So, for me in retrospect the year was so-so, not good and not bad. My family and I are now looking forward to receiving the vaccine sometime in the new year. With a bit of luck we will put this all behind us. Although as I have mentioned before, our lifestyles will in the future invite more diseases, viruses and so on, so let's hope we can change for the better. Stop being so greedy and wasteful. Let's lead the world in how life ought to be lived, cooperative and peaceful. Will someone tell Russian, Chinese and American governments? Thank you!

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