Saturday, 26 December 2020

Democracy in 2021? What does it mean...

 It might not be obvious to many people but democracy has run its course. How and Why? Well, with the advent of the Internet it has to be apparent that there are simply too many opinions. Look at the BBC, daily ramifications on what the government has been up to, discussed and decided. Followed up by endless dissemination of what is to happen or not happen or even might happen. Just look at the reporting of the Covid crisis. The elected are more concerned about how they look to others and are too afraid to lose face. They endlessly look on Twitter and Facebook to see if they are talked about and like Trump climb immediately in the pen to comment, refute or attack others, instead of governing. It has become a pantomime. Obviously this is not lost on the Chinese or Russians. They in particular bombard us with fake news to undermine the real issues. The Chinese are very much carrying out a softly softly approach, offering to produce cheap goods to a hungry greedy Western world. We lap it up with closed eyes. Guess what the next move will be? Increased military presences across the globe. Even the Russians are afraid of that. Governments that are not democratic and don't really have to suffer the upheavals of elections, are pretty geared up to aggressive politics. Do they work on a plan to undermine the West? Sure they do. We in the West are so concerned with the minutae of our existence, our relationships, our standing that we do not even see or care what those countries like Russia and Chine are up to. The Russians constantly probe defences and readiness. Where is the British navy? Well, we have two good looking aircraft carriers. To be very frank without the support ships they don't mean much and would not last 10 minutes in a conflict. On top of that they leak! This is my prediction for 2021, we will see a very increased activity on all fronts by the Chinese. They are very much squaring up in the Pacific, hopefully Biden will see this but I fear he will be much occupied by Covid and global warming. Sorry to have to say this but we will have to cut our trade links with the Chinese and Russians to an absolute minimum by becoming more self-sufficient in electronics and allied sciences. Also become much more security conscious, even to the point of becoming aggressive on the web. Watch 2021 and see how it will enfold! Good luck Biden, good luck Boris.

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