Saturday, 5 December 2020

Corruption? Oh, you mean the brown envelope system...

 Rather interesting reports coming out of Liverpool. The mayor been taken into custody? Well, whatever but there is an investigation going on about corruption. In my opinion it is about time that we are going to have a very hard look at politicians of all colours. First of all those who are involved in Planning and those who award contracts. I don't think there should be any doubt that these functions are key to spending a lot of money, public money, our money! As such these characters will attract outside interest, interests from property developers and big house-building conglomerates. It is a well-known saying I have heard many times - politicians are very fond of brown non-addressed envelopes! Obviously I am not saying the mayor is guilty, it will be decided later. I hope he will be exonerated but still... Even so, to stamp out this nasty business of knobbling politicians we will have to begin proper investigations into the bank accounts. To this effect the banks will have to play a role as well. People generally speaking have an almost infinite way of hiding nefarious activity, especially financially. Bank accounts in strange names, in different places, even different countries. And it is not just money, there are many other ways to catch a mackerel - as they say. That a new car councillor? Nice! How do you afford it! And so on and on. The short of it all is despite some control that is in existence, corruption still occurs. As such we must be vigilant and so I applaud what is happening in Liverpool. Let's widen this whole thing and start investigating ALL politicians. Let's start by asking all the banks to provide print-outs of their accounts. It will take time but it will also show the wonderful elected that corruption is not a good thing! Even better when newly elected the 'lucky' persons must provide print-outs of their financial accounts for at least the last five years. Not only that but spouses, if any, as well. Lots of paperwork? Sure, but computers and scanners can make a big difference. So, let's set up a public body entirely devoted to fighting political corruption. Here comes, Elliot Ness!

Ed - Knobbling is slang for trying to corrupt somebody, eg 'grease' someone's palm.

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