Wednesday, 16 December 2020

A fun-filled world, No, it isn't, oh yes it is...

As has been said many times before, it is a funny world. Made funny by one species - humans! I am a member of that species but sometimes I wonder whether I would have been better off being something else, like a monkey swinging through the trees, eating bananas. Then I remembered that they are under severe pressure because of hunting and environment reduction. Guess by whom? Yes, humans, it is a sad story. Present day's 'talk' in newspapers is a strange concoction of opposite views, especially about the virus. You will read about the thousands infected everyday. About hundreds dying, about the elderly suffering in care homes. And then you also read about "Getting back to normal". This without spelling out what normal really means or is. I take it from a recent historical opinion that it involves millions of aeroplane flights and booze soaked 'holidays' in the sun or thousands going on cruises. Travelling surely has been one of the major factors in the spread of the Covid virus? People seem have short memories but throughout history diseases have spread quickly because of human actions, the way we live, eat and treat the environment. Bubonic plague spread because of travel and the environment in our excrement filled cities. Where rats thrived and humans died, in their millions. Cholera, typhoid, dirty water borne diseases. And just the tip of the iceberg. It all just keeps pointing to humans. The dirtiest, wasteful, most ignorant species on the planet. Wow, I must have stepped out of bed with the wrong foot this morning! Wondering just now what God thinks of his creation looking at the shambles. Another simple question, where are the people of good-will, the ones with the right ideas? The ones with the clout to make things happen for the good of humanity AND the planet? Mr Bezos, the rich guy from Amazon? Or is he more interested in his next billion? Hey Mr SpaceEx how about doing something else? There is really no point in going to Mars. Humans cannot really live there. They do some work with charitable foundations but is it of benefit for us or them? Facebook, well another rich guy but doing quite a bit of damage to social interactions. Some good but a lot bad.

It is time humans starting thinking more straightforward. What is important, and what is not. Is this planet important? Yes? Then take steps to save it. To preserve it, not just now for us but for future generations. We should remember, it isn't just our planet, it's EVERYBODY's planet! Despite Covid have a great Christmas and don't worry about lock-downs. In the end it will all be of benefit.

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