Sunday, 1 November 2020

Thinking about....thinking

 It's a great thing, just to be able to think. Think about the situation us humans face today and to think about what our role in the universe actually is. Obviously the situation today does not seem so brilliant, what with the virus et al, but I think it is quite normal. It simply is the way things move. All life has one rule it lives by. Do anything to stay alive! Procreate as much as you can. However, even that brings problems. Because it means only the fittest will succeed and the not so fit might succumb to diseases as they are not as strong, virile, healthy or whatever. Procreation, sex in the vernacular, will ensure offspring but again too many will reduce the food supply and space for existence. Too many of a species will, as has been shown over and over, lead to extinction. Good, we have got that out of the way.

So, what is our role in the universe then, you may ask? Good question, if we look at life itself, the way it has progressed from a small clump of atoms to us with our thinking capability, we might conclude it is about progressing to a form that might understand the how and why! Why there is a universe at all, or even why there could be multiple universes. Even better, to think about whether size means anything. We think of ourselves as big, living in a big universe of which we cannot see the end but is that true? The smallest thing we can think of is a quark. It is interesting to think of a quark as a universe. It all depends on what size really means. But yes, we are just a result of a progression and there may well be many more. Humans must understand the rules of life, not our rules but the rules of nature. Or if you will if you are religious, the rules of God. All faiths have rules, for instance like the Ten Commandments, these are a way of living that will ensure an harmonious existence.

Because let's face it, all of us know what will happen if there is not enough food, not enough space to live, no opportunities to expand. When humans have become so numerous that there is no further space for anything else. It is then that we will know we had it all wrong.

Let's ensure that time will never come.

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