Sunday, 22 November 2020

The Civil Service has a headache? The little darlings...

 Allegations of bullying are flying thick and fast. The Home Secretary is under threat. Well, let's look at that a bit more closely. Here we have a forceful woman Ms Patel who appears to be a straightforward thinking and talking lady. That's good. We should like a bit more of that with more people, especially in government. On the other side we have what is known as the 'Establishment'. Properly seen as a cosy, whiskey guzzling fraternity. Meaning an organisation of men and women, mostly over 50, who 'serve' the elected government of the day. In truth it is mostly the other way round. The elected government 'serves' the 'Establishment'. Despite the government's wonderful  words most will be simply be disregarded.

'We are banning petrol and diesel cars by 2030', take it from me that's not going to happen. It will be watered down, the date be put back etc etc. So, Ms Patel had a few 'strong' words with some people of that illustrious establishment? Yes? So what! It happens all the time in businesses up and down the country. It takes a bit of 'push' to get the 'Establishment' in gear!

These people just do not want to work. The 'status quo' is their goal. Change is a dirty word.

It is no wonder Ms Patel said a few strong words. Well done! About time. I take it that the report by an 'Independent' Establishment mandarin is just another attempt to exercise their 'authority' over the elected. I am sure there will be more as I believe the government is contemplating 'shaking-up' the Civil Service (to give the Establishment their proper name). Carry on Ms Patel, please and do not stop calling a pig a pig!

 Ed 23/11/20

I read more and more about this so-called CS (Civil Service). Gold-plated pensions, fat salaries and 'working' from home when everybody else just has to take it or leave it. Most workers now are on starvation wages, and are hounded by every government department you can think of. It is beginning to sound like we're back in the Victorian era.

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