Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Pop says the genie!

 Good Lord, what a mess. Every single person has a different idea how we should be . How we have to defeat Covid-19. Have different ideas how many have died, how many will die, how many are infected and how many will be infected. One newspaper's headlines are 'Dead rates are down! The TV News blares out, 'Dead rates are rising!'. The government says 'Lock-down', or rather the PM says it and everyone else queries whether he is sane. From where I am sitting I believe Covid is a nasty little virus. Much worse than flu. Simply because none of us humans have any antibodies whatsoever. So, this virus just has a field day, picks anyone it fancies. Kills those with reduced resistance due to underlying medical problems. It all just goes to show, mankind has been pretty well weakened. Having beer bellies doesn't help a lot either. Obesity or just being overweight another problem. Obviously the western world seems the worst affected. Our lifestyles just asking for us to be picked off. So, yes I think Boris is right, reduce the infection rate. So that those who need it can get a hospital bed. Well done Boris, don't listen to the Covidiots. We can sort out the bill later. The printing presses can carry on a while longer churning out the new-look notes!

Even so, we really need to look at our lifestyles. I don't want to be a 'party-pooper' but we are just asking for it. We are so reducing our resistance to disease that anything coming around in the near future might just have the same effect as Covid-19 or worse. Moreover we cannot always rely on scientists making up vaccines at a whim. It takes time to do. So, watch it people, there is a genie about. Can pop out of the bottle at any one time!

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