Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Men only or is it Women now?

 Not so long ago I read some article about chemicals in the environment. You know, man-made chemicals. Putting that together with a TV docu about 'Changing Man' you know where this is going. Men are disappearing from the face of the world. Not all just yet, I am still here and typing this but yes, it is quite remarkable to note how men behave today, generally speaking. Socially as well, men-only relationships are now common enough. I mean in a sexual way. Coupled with the more assertive trend of females, western society is changing fast.

Sometime in the past I recall reading an article about cloning, taking a human egg from a female and starting the cloning process. This is not new science, it has been done. Meaning that the clone is female of course. Men will not be needed. Ah, you will say that's impossible. Hmmm, is it? The end of the world as we know it. I hope women will be happier without men. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out or even think about trends. Trends in society. But yes, I do think that I am the last man on earth. Please form an orderly queue, girls.

You might have heard about something called 'Wagagata', the court case between two footballer's wives (we call WAGS in this country - standing for Wives and/or Girlfriend) . Pretty boring actually and a waste of money they could have given to 'Children in Need' this year. It shows in a picture in the 'Sun' newspaper the way women are already portrayed. Stern looking, a toy-dog under arm, mobile phone in hand just in case because we do not want to miss any WhatsApp messages do we? And the other hand holds the required coffee caffeinated drink. Oh yes and don't forget the shopping bag. Ridiculous? Must you ask? That's the new woman, no man needed. a Toy dog will do nicely, thank you. Just now wondering what the dog thinks of it all.

So, if that's the 'quality' or 'standard' of the world population to come then I think 'God' is a woman after all. 

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