Sunday, 15 November 2020

Get back control Boris. Please and be quick about it.

 Well, what do you know. Civil war in the country's government? Who comes, who goes? You know, I am always surprised at how UK governments (yes, plural) cock-up things that matter. Hey Eton, what do you teach your rich upper-class kids today? I suppose cocking up becomes natural to such worthies because all they do is surfing the Web day in day out. Whatever, I had great hopes for Boris, here was a man with a bit of steel in his heart but no, the steel has descended into his lower legs making him torpid and slow. Is that what Covid does? The trouble in government is trusting advisers too much. It's time to assert control properly Boris. We voted for you, not for Cummings or for Cain. You decide, you rule.

The country needs you, it is under tremendous strain. Don't do what Trumpy baby has done and ignore it. Because if you do you will go down as THE worst PM we have had. And that is something, bearing in mind some others from the recent past. Sure, we're all human, we make mistakes, we dawdle in the face of adversity, we might even turn our backs. But if we do that we sure will be lost. So, man up Boris. Even the Red Wall in the north voted for you, we all saw something in you but please show it Boris. Do the work we are paying you for. Put our society in front, not on a back-foot!

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