Saturday, 7 November 2020

Election, what election? Oh that one...

 Blimey what's going on in America? That bastion of democracy? Accusations of shenanigans in the election process, the President threatening to stop the election count, armed hooligans on the street 'policing' the process. Good Lord, are we sure that it is America and not Russia?

Seriously this is worrying, the most powerful nation on earth falling apart like this. Vlad the Impaler must be laughing all the way to his new summer retreat in the Crimea peninsula. The Chinese are dusting off the Huawei mobile phone factories again. And what do the Brits worry about? Hmmm, now let's see Biden likes the EU, oh dear that's not good, the politicos are up in arms here. Biden, the new president, oh sure he will be at 78 the oldest one. Very likely then that he will not fulfil his term. Roll up the Vice-Prez. Great, a bit of sense finally.

Friends, forget America being a bastion of virtue, democracy and common sense. It never was and never will be. It is a country riven by race hatred, with grey suited politicians who are like the Mafia. A country that believes itself to be the only decent one on the planet. Every other needs to be put in its place down the pecking order. Do we really believe that the Americans like the UK? If you do, go see a doctor pronto, if you can and are not furloughed or in self-isolated solitude. Looking at the way this election has been, accusations et al, let's look at how we should 'clean-up' the process. If democracy is to survive and it's already half-way to being put into the waste bin, we need the political will to ensure it is a process that we can all abide by and honour the outcomes. Politicians should be very wary and if possible, ditch the use of social media. Look at the rubbish spouted by them, yes here as well.

Time to overhaul the process, otherwise democracy is finished and we will all have to speak Russian or possibly Mandarin! Or even perhaps Welsh? Oh dear, I'll get my coat.

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