Sunday, 22 November 2020

The Civil Service has a headache? The little darlings...

 Allegations of bullying are flying thick and fast. The Home Secretary is under threat. Well, let's look at that a bit more closely. Here we have a forceful woman Ms Patel who appears to be a straightforward thinking and talking lady. That's good. We should like a bit more of that with more people, especially in government. On the other side we have what is known as the 'Establishment'. Properly seen as a cosy, whiskey guzzling fraternity. Meaning an organisation of men and women, mostly over 50, who 'serve' the elected government of the day. In truth it is mostly the other way round. The elected government 'serves' the 'Establishment'. Despite the government's wonderful  words most will be simply be disregarded.

'We are banning petrol and diesel cars by 2030', take it from me that's not going to happen. It will be watered down, the date be put back etc etc. So, Ms Patel had a few 'strong' words with some people of that illustrious establishment? Yes? So what! It happens all the time in businesses up and down the country. It takes a bit of 'push' to get the 'Establishment' in gear!

These people just do not want to work. The 'status quo' is their goal. Change is a dirty word.

It is no wonder Ms Patel said a few strong words. Well done! About time. I take it that the report by an 'Independent' Establishment mandarin is just another attempt to exercise their 'authority' over the elected. I am sure there will be more as I believe the government is contemplating 'shaking-up' the Civil Service (to give the Establishment their proper name). Carry on Ms Patel, please and do not stop calling a pig a pig!

 Ed 23/11/20

I read more and more about this so-called CS (Civil Service). Gold-plated pensions, fat salaries and 'working' from home when everybody else just has to take it or leave it. Most workers now are on starvation wages, and are hounded by every government department you can think of. It is beginning to sound like we're back in the Victorian era.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Men only or is it Women now?

 Not so long ago I read some article about chemicals in the environment. You know, man-made chemicals. Putting that together with a TV docu about 'Changing Man' you know where this is going. Men are disappearing from the face of the world. Not all just yet, I am still here and typing this but yes, it is quite remarkable to note how men behave today, generally speaking. Socially as well, men-only relationships are now common enough. I mean in a sexual way. Coupled with the more assertive trend of females, western society is changing fast.

Sometime in the past I recall reading an article about cloning, taking a human egg from a female and starting the cloning process. This is not new science, it has been done. Meaning that the clone is female of course. Men will not be needed. Ah, you will say that's impossible. Hmmm, is it? The end of the world as we know it. I hope women will be happier without men. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out or even think about trends. Trends in society. But yes, I do think that I am the last man on earth. Please form an orderly queue, girls.

You might have heard about something called 'Wagagata', the court case between two footballer's wives (we call WAGS in this country - standing for Wives and/or Girlfriend) . Pretty boring actually and a waste of money they could have given to 'Children in Need' this year. It shows in a picture in the 'Sun' newspaper the way women are already portrayed. Stern looking, a toy-dog under arm, mobile phone in hand just in case because we do not want to miss any WhatsApp messages do we? And the other hand holds the required coffee caffeinated drink. Oh yes and don't forget the shopping bag. Ridiculous? Must you ask? That's the new woman, no man needed. a Toy dog will do nicely, thank you. Just now wondering what the dog thinks of it all.

So, if that's the 'quality' or 'standard' of the world population to come then I think 'God' is a woman after all. 

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Get back control Boris. Please and be quick about it.

 Well, what do you know. Civil war in the country's government? Who comes, who goes? You know, I am always surprised at how UK governments (yes, plural) cock-up things that matter. Hey Eton, what do you teach your rich upper-class kids today? I suppose cocking up becomes natural to such worthies because all they do is surfing the Web day in day out. Whatever, I had great hopes for Boris, here was a man with a bit of steel in his heart but no, the steel has descended into his lower legs making him torpid and slow. Is that what Covid does? The trouble in government is trusting advisers too much. It's time to assert control properly Boris. We voted for you, not for Cummings or for Cain. You decide, you rule.

The country needs you, it is under tremendous strain. Don't do what Trumpy baby has done and ignore it. Because if you do you will go down as THE worst PM we have had. And that is something, bearing in mind some others from the recent past. Sure, we're all human, we make mistakes, we dawdle in the face of adversity, we might even turn our backs. But if we do that we sure will be lost. So, man up Boris. Even the Red Wall in the north voted for you, we all saw something in you but please show it Boris. Do the work we are paying you for. Put our society in front, not on a back-foot!

Saturday, 7 November 2020

Election, what election? Oh that one...

 Blimey what's going on in America? That bastion of democracy? Accusations of shenanigans in the election process, the President threatening to stop the election count, armed hooligans on the street 'policing' the process. Good Lord, are we sure that it is America and not Russia?

Seriously this is worrying, the most powerful nation on earth falling apart like this. Vlad the Impaler must be laughing all the way to his new summer retreat in the Crimea peninsula. The Chinese are dusting off the Huawei mobile phone factories again. And what do the Brits worry about? Hmmm, now let's see Biden likes the EU, oh dear that's not good, the politicos are up in arms here. Biden, the new president, oh sure he will be at 78 the oldest one. Very likely then that he will not fulfil his term. Roll up the Vice-Prez. Great, a bit of sense finally.

Friends, forget America being a bastion of virtue, democracy and common sense. It never was and never will be. It is a country riven by race hatred, with grey suited politicians who are like the Mafia. A country that believes itself to be the only decent one on the planet. Every other needs to be put in its place down the pecking order. Do we really believe that the Americans like the UK? If you do, go see a doctor pronto, if you can and are not furloughed or in self-isolated solitude. Looking at the way this election has been, accusations et al, let's look at how we should 'clean-up' the process. If democracy is to survive and it's already half-way to being put into the waste bin, we need the political will to ensure it is a process that we can all abide by and honour the outcomes. Politicians should be very wary and if possible, ditch the use of social media. Look at the rubbish spouted by them, yes here as well.

Time to overhaul the process, otherwise democracy is finished and we will all have to speak Russian or possibly Mandarin! Or even perhaps Welsh? Oh dear, I'll get my coat.

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Pop says the genie!

 Good Lord, what a mess. Every single person has a different idea how we should be . How we have to defeat Covid-19. Have different ideas how many have died, how many will die, how many are infected and how many will be infected. One newspaper's headlines are 'Dead rates are down! The TV News blares out, 'Dead rates are rising!'. The government says 'Lock-down', or rather the PM says it and everyone else queries whether he is sane. From where I am sitting I believe Covid is a nasty little virus. Much worse than flu. Simply because none of us humans have any antibodies whatsoever. So, this virus just has a field day, picks anyone it fancies. Kills those with reduced resistance due to underlying medical problems. It all just goes to show, mankind has been pretty well weakened. Having beer bellies doesn't help a lot either. Obesity or just being overweight another problem. Obviously the western world seems the worst affected. Our lifestyles just asking for us to be picked off. So, yes I think Boris is right, reduce the infection rate. So that those who need it can get a hospital bed. Well done Boris, don't listen to the Covidiots. We can sort out the bill later. The printing presses can carry on a while longer churning out the new-look notes!

Even so, we really need to look at our lifestyles. I don't want to be a 'party-pooper' but we are just asking for it. We are so reducing our resistance to disease that anything coming around in the near future might just have the same effect as Covid-19 or worse. Moreover we cannot always rely on scientists making up vaccines at a whim. It takes time to do. So, watch it people, there is a genie about. Can pop out of the bottle at any one time!

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Thinking about....thinking

 It's a great thing, just to be able to think. Think about the situation us humans face today and to think about what our role in the universe actually is. Obviously the situation today does not seem so brilliant, what with the virus et al, but I think it is quite normal. It simply is the way things move. All life has one rule it lives by. Do anything to stay alive! Procreate as much as you can. However, even that brings problems. Because it means only the fittest will succeed and the not so fit might succumb to diseases as they are not as strong, virile, healthy or whatever. Procreation, sex in the vernacular, will ensure offspring but again too many will reduce the food supply and space for existence. Too many of a species will, as has been shown over and over, lead to extinction. Good, we have got that out of the way.

So, what is our role in the universe then, you may ask? Good question, if we look at life itself, the way it has progressed from a small clump of atoms to us with our thinking capability, we might conclude it is about progressing to a form that might understand the how and why! Why there is a universe at all, or even why there could be multiple universes. Even better, to think about whether size means anything. We think of ourselves as big, living in a big universe of which we cannot see the end but is that true? The smallest thing we can think of is a quark. It is interesting to think of a quark as a universe. It all depends on what size really means. But yes, we are just a result of a progression and there may well be many more. Humans must understand the rules of life, not our rules but the rules of nature. Or if you will if you are religious, the rules of God. All faiths have rules, for instance like the Ten Commandments, these are a way of living that will ensure an harmonious existence.

Because let's face it, all of us know what will happen if there is not enough food, not enough space to live, no opportunities to expand. When humans have become so numerous that there is no further space for anything else. It is then that we will know we had it all wrong.

Let's ensure that time will never come.