Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Coming to Britain? Easy? Not really....

 First of all we must have great pity on those who wanted to come to a land they thought to be a safe haven, the UK. Unfortunately they fell into the hands of unscrupulous criminals who told them that they had a boat which would take them across the Channel. For a few thousand pounds it would be theirs. That it was a ticket to horror and for some an early death, no-one in power seems to be worried about. Except of course for all the mealy-mouthed platitudes we have heard so many times. 'We must take grip, we must get the criminals, we must stop the boats'. The French, lovely people as they are, 'No, it's not our problem, it's yours', attitude does help a lot to control the issue. It never occurs to those we have voted into power where the real problem rises. It is simply the inequality we see all around in the world today. When you live in a sand desert and have to cope with a seemingly never-ending draught, and then see on the only antique TV in the mud house village the excesses of our so-called Western world then what would you want to do? This is how desperate these unfortunates who try their best to escape, are. Their deaths are not holding back the hundreds if not thousands who will given the chance do the very same thing. Politicians seem to live in a rose-tinted world, rose petals strewn wherever they tread. Uttering words they looked up in some dictionary but mostly meaningless drivel. In the UK we are masters at that. Etonesque (meaning people who where educated in one of the private jails, sorry schools) caricatures of the human race who feel it is their God-given right to govern. We, the plebs, are just here to bother them and constantly need to be put in their places. I suppose it's not much different across the water. Politicians and their allies the aristocrats, talk a lot about change, but that is exactly what they DO NOT want. Change would be their demise. Just all talk and no action, it has always been so. It is the bane of the world, politicians. And until we do something about it, changing the system, it will stay as it is. Costly and useless.

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