Wednesday, 2 September 2020

It is a funny world...


Whatever you might think about the Covid virus scourge. It is not that it is a particularly deadly one, except if we are weak and have underlying medical problems. As a result most young people and that is those between 20 and 35, think that they are not bothered. Have a song and a dance, take some drug or other, chat unintelligible words, have a swig of one or two alcoholic drinks. Yes, it is a great time. Except grandma and grandpa are either dead or dying or in the best scenario lay in a hospital bed trying to catch their breath. It is a funny world. Then we have a brilliant government with their finger on the pulse, knowing exactly what needs to be done. We don’t hear or see the PM unless we read something in the national newspapers about what he said. And what he says is mostly ’Get the kids to school’.

He hailed Britain’s big return to work and school. Ah well, he had to say something, wouldn’t you say? Then poor Rishi is turning over in bed during all these sleepless nights thinking up solutions about how to pay back two trillion pounds of debt. Anyone thought how much interest we pay on that debt? Yep, at 1% that would be £20billion annually, wasted money. Only making the bankers and investors richer. I am assuming of course that the interest is lower, at least I hope so! But the annual interest is quite a whopping amount. Even at 0.1% it would still be billions.

There is a lot of rumbling in the papers about increasing taxes. 5p a litre on petrol, more on diesel, then 9% NIC for the self-employed to be 12%, and I think VAT might rise to 24%. But I say this, how do you think these extraordinary costs that we have incurred thanks to Covid are going to be repaid? Have a guess! Yes, you Tom, your neighbour Dick and me, Harry.

In the meantime the richer echelon in our great (!) Britain are getting richer and government including local government fat-cats stay fat. As I said, it is a funny world.

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