Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Why use artificial intelligence to make simple decisions?

 It is true, I can be as critical about almost anything as anyone else! But I also think we have to have a sense of proportion. Take the present furore about the examinations. A levels in particular. God only knows what the GcsE’s will bring but let that be for now. First of all we should ask – why? Why let AI decide who will pass and who will not? This was trying to establish AI (Artificial Intelligence) into fields where human intelligence and knowledge would be better suited. Frankly AI will never be as intuitive as a human being’s thought processes. It is true though that AI can go through billions and even trillions of possibilities but those are all something that has occurred before. Also it can correlate those occasions with the results it brought, good or bad. But that is NOT intelligence, it is just stating that if you do THIS then THAT is the likely outcome. Again, it is not intelligence. We have to go out from the view that every human being is unique. Every human being can and lots do, change attitude, change views, for good or bad. That is life. Perhaps this is a simple view but just think about it. AI is like a straight-jacket, it can never be more than what is put into it. You can have a giant computer that holds all the texts, books, documents ever written, it might even come up with another book but it all would be just a re-hash of what is already around. Could a computer come up with the Table of Elements? I would think not. Not unless you would put in the chemical analysis rules etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love computers, they are and should make all our lives easier and more productive but so far that hasn’t really happened. As this farce about examinations has shown. Think of this, take out all human endeavour, all thought, all learning and leave it to computers. Would we be happier? Well, in the end the choice is still a human choice. But for how long?

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