Monday, 17 August 2020

Thanks to Covid, we have an opportunity...

It is remarkable really what a medical calamity can do to a society. Take this virus, Covid-19, it is virulent on that there is no doubt but every winter we have had the influenza (flu) virus taking some number of thousands to the heavenly abode. Beside all of that we might ask a question about whether our medical moguls and in particular the various Health quangos were convinced that pandemics are not possible in the 21st century? That microbes ask for permission to attack us? That viruses are a thing of the past? Moreover our past and present governments have been constantly amiss in setting up and controlling good organisations to lead medical research and effective Area Health Boards. Our governments tend to be saddled with people, all with degrees mind, but devoid of common sense. To sit in Parliament seems to be altering the human brain. Erstwhile active and brilliant minds suddenly go into a sort of morose state, panic attacks are common place setting-off the U-Turn syndrome.

This state of mind can easily be noted because it manifests itself by a lot of paper-waving and shouting unintelligible words into empty space. It also gets noted by a sudden acquired ‘knowledge’ of finance, by uttering words like ‘balancing the books’, and ‘ controlling expenditure’ all without knowing what they really mean or entail. Yes, a sad state of affairs when a virus shows up the shortcomings of a nation’s public governance and indeed the ‘quality’ of its governors. So I think we should all thank Covid-19 for giving us the opportunity to have a very hard look at the way we are governed, the way we spend our money, the way we ‘pay’ for work, and the way we want our society to be. Do we take responsibility for this planet or do we not? And if we do then let’s do it properly! Beginning with our nation!

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