Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Rubbish? What the ...

And so a new era has arrived, the post Brexit, post Covid era. There is a worrying trend which I noticed, probably also noticed by many aged persons, and that is the uncanny behaviour of young people. Young people are very good at protesting about all sorts of issues, amongst other things, the use of palm oil, plastic in the oceans and seas, CO2 and global warming and lately of course racism. Wonderful you’d say, it’s about time. But then these self-same young people when gathering in large groups, leave the most astonishing amount of rubbish. Even where I live, a small town in South Wales which I call Rubbish Town because of fly-blown detritus like small bits of paper and plastic, things are not as bad as that which was seen in Cardiff a day or so ago. Unbelievable. People dropped everything imaginable. Plastic everywhere, left-over food, drinks, cans, you name it. I know, the world is the world and things happen but we all could take a bit more care about the way we behave. It is, as far as I see it, a British disease. Protesting about anything and everything under the sun and then completely ignoring the reasons what they were protesting about. It is also one of the reasons why Covid-19 is so virulent in the UK. We have probably more deaths per 1,000 than most European nations. Even Spain? That’s because our young people are mostly ignoring what they are asked to do. Abide by the reasonable requests the government has made. It doesn’t bode well for the future. Perhaps this whole episode is the beginning of the end for humanity. Watch this space!

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