Friday, 28 August 2020

Legal system a joke? Rather...

Just came back from a very nice holiday in this country. Who wants to go to Spain? I don’t. Not when we have splendid beaches such as at Amroth, Pendine and Tenby. So having returned now and feeling all refreshed and hyped up ready to face the virus I am reading the same old stuff in our wonderful newspapers and listening to the newly voted ‘woke’ liberal-leftie BBC. But one thing bothers me and that is the legal system in this country, Well, certainly as it is at the present. Take those three young idiots, Bowers, Cole and Long. Who caused the death of a policeman when racing away from a crime. No matter how you look at it, they killed a policeman on duty. That is not something you should be smirking about. Then on top when caught they just could not see what they had done wrong. They killed someone by their actions, that is plain murder, not manslaughter. The difference here is that they KNEW what they were doing. These three need to be put away until they are 50 years of age. Thank you legal system for spending such a lot of money on yourselves. The legal aid is a joke system to keep fat lawyers and ‘woke’ judges accustomed to their daily bottles of wine and whisky. Change it please, do us all a favour!

Well, I can always dream on but didn’t we vote in a new government to change all of that? Or as has been happening so often in the past when voted-in all promises were swiftly forgotten? I still feel good, it is a strange time though. Not so good for a newly elected government that was or rather still is, finding its feet. Let me ask a question – is Covid-19 a manufactured virus? Adapted from the common cold/flu virus? Just asking as it is pretty rare for a virus to suddenly pop-up out of nowhere without living organisms having encountered it or even having a modicum of resistance! Yep, just asking. I am a distrustful sort of person and I do not believe any ‘expert’ nor any ‘government’ official, minister or otherwise as history has shown without any doubt these people do not speak the truth but are expert at hiding it!

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