Saturday, 15 August 2020

High-flyers landing on very hard ground....


It must be obvious now, the government does not trust teachers to make the right choices! The constant interference in educational matters is quite something to behold. However you look at it the government, well at least the Ministry for Education and its high flying supremo, Gavin the Magnificent, thinks that teachers tend to overrate their pupils to make themselves look good. OK, that might be the case in some instances but in the main, from where I am sitting as a school governor, that is far from the truth. So, now the high flying supremo has landed, not just nicely on a runway but crashed down on very rocky ground and is now trying to climb out of the wreckage. We might well ask why are governments so insistent on running education? On top of it we should also ask where is the Civil Service in all of this? It will not take away that ministers are holding the can, e.g are responsible but surely it is time to look at the role of the CS! To have this many calamities, the government is already walking on wobbly legs. Time for Boris to put all this behind him and start again. Stop listening to ‘experts’, in my working life I found that ‘experts’ have only one string on their bow. And sing a tune that tends to overbear any and all others. Get some people who are looking to the society we have and want to improve it and moreover take the planet seriously. No need for specialists in top government, it asks for trouble.

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