Sunday, 2 August 2020

Have another prosecco before you can't afford it anymore...

Having been mesmerised for nearly a year now about the ‘Wags War’, yes the war between two footballer’s wives. Coleen and Rebekah. Great stuff, I am drooling. But should I?

You know it is a bit stupid, don’t you think? Two adult (?) females at war over so-called social media messages about who said what or nothing at all? Frankly, who cares? The only people who are going to be extremely happy are those in the legal profession. Neither of the ladies in question are going to be any better off, in fact are going to lose more money than I will earn in ten years! The next thing we will see is the reports of their holidays in far flung places. Damn the Covid virus, I want my prosecco on a beach in South America. May I point out that these people are frankly nobodies? Wives of footballers, a couple of excellent footballers mind but footballers nevertheless. Wives who do nothing more or so it seems but looking at Twitter and Facebook. Two of the most derogatory and vile emanations of consummate bile that ever existed. If you believe everything on social media, you need to see a psychiatrist quickly. And that is exactly what these two need to do when back from their beach cavorting photo sessions. For the sake of their families.

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