Sunday, 2 August 2020

Get rid of the BBC? Oh yes, please...

Ever since 1967 when I arrived in this great country I have liked the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), first and foremost to properly learn the language. This because despite Indians and Pakistanis getting leaflets in their own language, Dutch was not one of them. Nevertheless I did OK with my school learned stuff. But now the BBC has embarked upon destroying this nation’s self-belief. People like Maitlis and to some extent all other newsreaders as well plus those who host these abysmal chat programmes have no love for this country, nor our great heroes. Poor Winston Churchill who can be named as one of the great saviours in times of greatest need. To lambaste him without even mentioning the truly horrendous things the German nation and yes, the Russians as well did to their populations and the Jewish people is by far akin to treason! Where have these people got their education from and by whom? Is it also an indication of the state of our education system? Do all teachers and lecturers get their ideas from the BBC? Or is this the sign that the elite (!) have taken leave of their senses? I think the educators have taken the views the BBC has purveyed for years. Portraying the past on the basis of today’s technology. So the knights of yore were simple morons and bloodthirsty vampires. I have always viewed history as a way of looking at past mistakes and so would be better off by trying to improve our methods. Today I worry about the BBC having taken it upon itself to educate! It is high time to disband the BBC and start again with a service that is free and unbiased. Besides we shall have got rid of these massive costs and 'salaries' to 'stars'. Two million to 'luminaries' like Lineker? I wouldn't even pay him a tenner! That's why OAP's now have to foot the bill, again. Shame on you BBC. So, get lost.

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