Saturday, 29 August 2020

Feminism or Masculism or even Chauvinism, yeah I know...

 As a big fan of the books by Clive Cussler, although today he writes together with other people including his son, Dirk Cussler, I bought his last book 'Celtic Empire'. Basically a story about a female take-over of world politics and power. Based on an Egyptian princess Meritaten, eldest daughter of the Pharaoh Akhenaten escaping Egypt for Ireland. It is a rather interesting concoction of 'what-ifs' about the disease called cholera and a mutated form of it. But the underlying trend is the power grab by a firm headed by a woman and her daughters through chemical means. Dispersing a chemical throughout the world making women bearing female children only.

That is an interesting angle indeed. You know I have thought for some time that males are becoming more and more feminine. Whether that displays through homosexuality or characteristics particularly such as dress, behaviour or body I leave for others to discuss. Obviously this does not happen all across the board but nevertheless it seems to me being noticeable. Asking why I can only surmise it might have something to do with the increase of oestrogen in drinking water. It is said that in London the drinking water you take has already passed seven times through another person. That will include women who take oral contraception containing oestrogen.

An ‘Independent’ newspaper report (20 January 2009) says this:

The rise in male infertility and the decline in human sperm counts could be linked with chemicals in the environment known as anti-androgens” says The Independent. The newspaper says that these types of chemicals “are able to stop testosterone working” and could be affecting development of men’s reproductive organs".

The article does not put blame anywhere but even so it is quite revealing as it says further:

"The feminisation of male fish in UK rivers is thought to be related to the female hormone oestrogen and related chemicals in the water, which come from human and animal excretion. However, it is not known whether anti-androgens (chemicals that interfere with male hormones) also have an effect".

I must say though that I have no problem with feminisation or whatever you would call it. Although it is probably not a bad thing to counteract the overtly macho images portrayed by some power hungry men, just look at some US presidents. So, interesting book and an interesting report. Looking at society and humans all around, may I say ‘Hello, perhaps we should wake up and smell the roses’.

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