Thursday, 6 August 2020

Brickie bonanza? Britain concreted over? Yeah, believe it...

One would always think that things could not be worse from yesterday. But you could well be wrong!. Reading various reports from the BBC’s Ceefax pages will show you the most irritating news. Mr Kendrick, Housing Minister has taken steps in a process that will re-write Planning law. Now I would not state here that the present planning laws are brilliant but what is proposed now is astoundingly idiotic. Let me explain, developers will be getting automatic, yes AUTOMATIC permission to build homes. Now, what do you think will happen if that goes through? I do accept that homes need to be built, people need affordable, sound places to live with their families. But you only have to look at how people behave because another report says that people are moving out of the cities to get a place in the countryside. That’s thanks to the virus of course. More, people are now buying second hand low quality cars because no-one wants to go to work by bus, tram or train any more. All quite understandable I suppose. But putting all these things together you will see a worrying future. I am afraid that I have lost faith in government, they are no more than tinkers. That means again we have stop-gap government. Policies made on the hoof, without much thought just because it is thought that’s what people want. This present government, sorry Boris, is no more than a sound-bite entity trying to please everyone by sweet talking. I really wonder what Covid-19 does to the brain?

I have noticed in the past how developers behave, even in a small town in the Rhondda. The machinations, the pressure and alleged corruption. But it is how we all behave, generally speaking. When the leash is off the dogs run (and so do we).

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