Friday, 7 August 2020

Blue skies over Dover...or is it grey?

 More reports coming in daily of small dinghies seen in the Channel (the Dover Straits or if you are French la Manche). Obviously the problem is getting worse not better despite those beautiful words spoken by our incredibly intelligent politicians. They keep on and on, it has to be stopped and basically that’s it. Now I am quite aware why immigrants want to move to the UK, anyone with a brain and cognitive powers can. But and there is always a but, you also have to know the pressures this can and mostly will, bring to established services and infrastructure. There are now some 68million humans in the UK, that alone already is far too much for ensuring that local farming and industry can cope. So we are dependent on massively importing foodstuffs and industrial equipment. Presently that seems to be working even though the coronavirus has made things a bit difficult (so to say!). Will this continue? Viewing present policy, speeches et al by our esteemed politicians they think it will. Say a lot, show you are in charge but do absolutely nothing.

However, the virus shows that our defences are virtually non-existent. Our preparations, our awareness of what life is really all about is zero. This will also continue and so the next time a virus appears we will be in the same old boat. To get back to immigrants, they too will continue and in ever greater numbers as the criminal cartels that operate this activity will get better boats and get better organised which in turn will attract yet more immigrants. It must be obvious the French authorities look at the problem with stopped ears and half-closed eyes. Therefore the ball is in our court. Who is handling the tennis racket to hit the ball back? Or rather turn the boats, dinghies, kayaks and canoes and even inflatable kid’s toys back? Have we still got a navy? All questions that should float around our collective minds. So, Boris, Priti if you are actually alive and not holographic images, get on with it. After all that’s one of the reasons we voted for you!

Ed 8/8/2020

Looking at this morning's BBC News and Ceefax a good report from Calais. Despite what the French say, we saw a boat (dinghy) being put to see with up to 20 people. No police in sight. Again and again we hear British politicians say 'It's appalling, it has to stop'. But nothing is actually taking place except we pick up the self-same immigrants. Which is exactly what the smugglers know and bank on. What I may say now will shock - turn the dinghies around mid-channel. It will only take 4 or 6 Border cutters, fast boats who will continually patrol, day and night. If needed tow them back. Do not, I say NOT land them in Dover or anywhere else on the UK coast. By now it has to be obvious that most immigrants are not asylum seekers, they are looking for a new life. I understand that but there are proper ways to do this. Besides what is wrong with asking asylum in France? It is one of the nicest countries in Europe but with a joke of a government. You cannot have everything it seems.

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