Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Boris, are we boiling or what !

 Oi Boris, just a little note, I hope you read a very short report about the highest recorded temperature on Earth? Just so you know, it was 54.4 degrees Celsius! Mind you it was in Death Valley, USA. Apparently it is true and not fake news. Bit worrying that, innit? Death Valley a bit of an appropriate name, don’t you think? Nothing stirring there. I am writing this because your valued co-workers don’t take too much notice of what’s going on. I know you have been ill but this bit of news needs you to take a grip and have a very serious thought about why. I give you some ideas, is the sun getting hotter? Not really, this year was aphelion year (the Earth being furthest away from the sun). It seems the sun is not getting hotter. Is Jupiter, the nearest great gas giant going nova? No, it is not. It does not seem that external occurrences are at fault here. Is there an enormous number of volcanic outbursts? Hmm, difficult one this, there are some, Hawaii for instance and there have been a few in the past. So, there has been a lot of CO2 and other gases but again nothing of the extraordinary. There are just two other big things, population numbers, cars and planes. Yes Boris, jet engines and the internal combustion engine. The engines throw out a lot of nasty stuff, well you’d better ask some boffins who have measured all of that and I think you will be astounded about the amounts that end up in the atmosphere. So, to put you in the picture, all these gases have a nasty tendency to trap heat. We are producing billions of tonnes of these every year. So what about population increases? Yes, nearly 8 billion of us now and 10 billion expected around mid century! The problem Boris here is that a lot of land is needed to properly feed all of us and that’s not around. I hope that Eton Primary taught you that the Earth’s land area is only 29%? Of course the Dutch made some of that and if you let them have a go they might even dry the North Sea but don’t worry about that as you will have enough problems with water when all the ice has melted. Indeed some of the land is not even capable of growing food. From that 29% you’ll have to take away the deserts, forests and mountains, some 50%! No wonder there are a lot of immigrants! Well, there it is, the reasons for this extraordinary temperature, what will it be next year? Could you live in such heat? Don’t answer that one, I already know it.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to some action!

NB Sorry this note it is a bit longer than intended, I got a bit hot under the collar!

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