Saturday, 29 August 2020

Feminism or Masculism or even Chauvinism, yeah I know...

 As a big fan of the books by Clive Cussler, although today he writes together with other people including his son, Dirk Cussler, I bought his last book 'Celtic Empire'. Basically a story about a female take-over of world politics and power. Based on an Egyptian princess Meritaten, eldest daughter of the Pharaoh Akhenaten escaping Egypt for Ireland. It is a rather interesting concoction of 'what-ifs' about the disease called cholera and a mutated form of it. But the underlying trend is the power grab by a firm headed by a woman and her daughters through chemical means. Dispersing a chemical throughout the world making women bearing female children only.

That is an interesting angle indeed. You know I have thought for some time that males are becoming more and more feminine. Whether that displays through homosexuality or characteristics particularly such as dress, behaviour or body I leave for others to discuss. Obviously this does not happen all across the board but nevertheless it seems to me being noticeable. Asking why I can only surmise it might have something to do with the increase of oestrogen in drinking water. It is said that in London the drinking water you take has already passed seven times through another person. That will include women who take oral contraception containing oestrogen.

An ‘Independent’ newspaper report (20 January 2009) says this:

The rise in male infertility and the decline in human sperm counts could be linked with chemicals in the environment known as anti-androgens” says The Independent. The newspaper says that these types of chemicals “are able to stop testosterone working” and could be affecting development of men’s reproductive organs".

The article does not put blame anywhere but even so it is quite revealing as it says further:

"The feminisation of male fish in UK rivers is thought to be related to the female hormone oestrogen and related chemicals in the water, which come from human and animal excretion. However, it is not known whether anti-androgens (chemicals that interfere with male hormones) also have an effect".

I must say though that I have no problem with feminisation or whatever you would call it. Although it is probably not a bad thing to counteract the overtly macho images portrayed by some power hungry men, just look at some US presidents. So, interesting book and an interesting report. Looking at society and humans all around, may I say ‘Hello, perhaps we should wake up and smell the roses’.

Friday, 28 August 2020

Legal system a joke? Rather...

Just came back from a very nice holiday in this country. Who wants to go to Spain? I don’t. Not when we have splendid beaches such as at Amroth, Pendine and Tenby. So having returned now and feeling all refreshed and hyped up ready to face the virus I am reading the same old stuff in our wonderful newspapers and listening to the newly voted ‘woke’ liberal-leftie BBC. But one thing bothers me and that is the legal system in this country, Well, certainly as it is at the present. Take those three young idiots, Bowers, Cole and Long. Who caused the death of a policeman when racing away from a crime. No matter how you look at it, they killed a policeman on duty. That is not something you should be smirking about. Then on top when caught they just could not see what they had done wrong. They killed someone by their actions, that is plain murder, not manslaughter. The difference here is that they KNEW what they were doing. These three need to be put away until they are 50 years of age. Thank you legal system for spending such a lot of money on yourselves. The legal aid is a joke system to keep fat lawyers and ‘woke’ judges accustomed to their daily bottles of wine and whisky. Change it please, do us all a favour!

Well, I can always dream on but didn’t we vote in a new government to change all of that? Or as has been happening so often in the past when voted-in all promises were swiftly forgotten? I still feel good, it is a strange time though. Not so good for a newly elected government that was or rather still is, finding its feet. Let me ask a question – is Covid-19 a manufactured virus? Adapted from the common cold/flu virus? Just asking as it is pretty rare for a virus to suddenly pop-up out of nowhere without living organisms having encountered it or even having a modicum of resistance! Yep, just asking. I am a distrustful sort of person and I do not believe any ‘expert’ nor any ‘government’ official, minister or otherwise as history has shown without any doubt these people do not speak the truth but are expert at hiding it!

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Why use artificial intelligence to make simple decisions?

 It is true, I can be as critical about almost anything as anyone else! But I also think we have to have a sense of proportion. Take the present furore about the examinations. A levels in particular. God only knows what the GcsE’s will bring but let that be for now. First of all we should ask – why? Why let AI decide who will pass and who will not? This was trying to establish AI (Artificial Intelligence) into fields where human intelligence and knowledge would be better suited. Frankly AI will never be as intuitive as a human being’s thought processes. It is true though that AI can go through billions and even trillions of possibilities but those are all something that has occurred before. Also it can correlate those occasions with the results it brought, good or bad. But that is NOT intelligence, it is just stating that if you do THIS then THAT is the likely outcome. Again, it is not intelligence. We have to go out from the view that every human being is unique. Every human being can and lots do, change attitude, change views, for good or bad. That is life. Perhaps this is a simple view but just think about it. AI is like a straight-jacket, it can never be more than what is put into it. You can have a giant computer that holds all the texts, books, documents ever written, it might even come up with another book but it all would be just a re-hash of what is already around. Could a computer come up with the Table of Elements? I would think not. Not unless you would put in the chemical analysis rules etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love computers, they are and should make all our lives easier and more productive but so far that hasn’t really happened. As this farce about examinations has shown. Think of this, take out all human endeavour, all thought, all learning and leave it to computers. Would we be happier? Well, in the end the choice is still a human choice. But for how long?

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Boris, are we boiling or what !

 Oi Boris, just a little note, I hope you read a very short report about the highest recorded temperature on Earth? Just so you know, it was 54.4 degrees Celsius! Mind you it was in Death Valley, USA. Apparently it is true and not fake news. Bit worrying that, innit? Death Valley a bit of an appropriate name, don’t you think? Nothing stirring there. I am writing this because your valued co-workers don’t take too much notice of what’s going on. I know you have been ill but this bit of news needs you to take a grip and have a very serious thought about why. I give you some ideas, is the sun getting hotter? Not really, this year was aphelion year (the Earth being furthest away from the sun). It seems the sun is not getting hotter. Is Jupiter, the nearest great gas giant going nova? No, it is not. It does not seem that external occurrences are at fault here. Is there an enormous number of volcanic outbursts? Hmm, difficult one this, there are some, Hawaii for instance and there have been a few in the past. So, there has been a lot of CO2 and other gases but again nothing of the extraordinary. There are just two other big things, population numbers, cars and planes. Yes Boris, jet engines and the internal combustion engine. The engines throw out a lot of nasty stuff, well you’d better ask some boffins who have measured all of that and I think you will be astounded about the amounts that end up in the atmosphere. So, to put you in the picture, all these gases have a nasty tendency to trap heat. We are producing billions of tonnes of these every year. So what about population increases? Yes, nearly 8 billion of us now and 10 billion expected around mid century! The problem Boris here is that a lot of land is needed to properly feed all of us and that’s not around. I hope that Eton Primary taught you that the Earth’s land area is only 29%? Of course the Dutch made some of that and if you let them have a go they might even dry the North Sea but don’t worry about that as you will have enough problems with water when all the ice has melted. Indeed some of the land is not even capable of growing food. From that 29% you’ll have to take away the deserts, forests and mountains, some 50%! No wonder there are a lot of immigrants! Well, there it is, the reasons for this extraordinary temperature, what will it be next year? Could you live in such heat? Don’t answer that one, I already know it.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to some action!

NB Sorry this note it is a bit longer than intended, I got a bit hot under the collar!

Monday, 17 August 2020

Thanks to Covid, we have an opportunity...

It is remarkable really what a medical calamity can do to a society. Take this virus, Covid-19, it is virulent on that there is no doubt but every winter we have had the influenza (flu) virus taking some number of thousands to the heavenly abode. Beside all of that we might ask a question about whether our medical moguls and in particular the various Health quangos were convinced that pandemics are not possible in the 21st century? That microbes ask for permission to attack us? That viruses are a thing of the past? Moreover our past and present governments have been constantly amiss in setting up and controlling good organisations to lead medical research and effective Area Health Boards. Our governments tend to be saddled with people, all with degrees mind, but devoid of common sense. To sit in Parliament seems to be altering the human brain. Erstwhile active and brilliant minds suddenly go into a sort of morose state, panic attacks are common place setting-off the U-Turn syndrome.

This state of mind can easily be noted because it manifests itself by a lot of paper-waving and shouting unintelligible words into empty space. It also gets noted by a sudden acquired ‘knowledge’ of finance, by uttering words like ‘balancing the books’, and ‘ controlling expenditure’ all without knowing what they really mean or entail. Yes, a sad state of affairs when a virus shows up the shortcomings of a nation’s public governance and indeed the ‘quality’ of its governors. So I think we should all thank Covid-19 for giving us the opportunity to have a very hard look at the way we are governed, the way we spend our money, the way we ‘pay’ for work, and the way we want our society to be. Do we take responsibility for this planet or do we not? And if we do then let’s do it properly! Beginning with our nation!

Saturday, 15 August 2020

The way of a virus is rather interesting...

 It is rather interesting to be able to read reports in a few languages. I read Quora both in English, Dutch and German. The Dutch website had a question about Covid-19 having undergone a mutation (already). Obviously most would know that a virus constantly copies itself and during that process which takes place in the host cells (like human cells) ‘mistakes’ can and do occur. It has been noted that one mutation in the virus amino acid D614 has mutated to G614. Now I am not a chemist or a researcher in that field but it is said that the virus is and has become more virulent. See also Tracking Changes in SARS-CoV-2 Spike: Evidence that D614G Increases Infectivity of the COVID-19 Virus. It is rather interesting and follows what I said in other posts – there will always be viruses. They will mutate, and we will fall foul of them. Some will kill, mainly because the host has no resistance and is already weak. Some will only have a mild inconvenience, like a snotty nose or something like that. But we will get the virus. A lot is said about herd immunity. Of course but that too will not last because the mutated viruses need another vaccine to be developed. Just look at what is done with the flu virus and the annual vaccination gallop! It is good though to keep up our own defences, stay healthy, don’t eat too much sugar or salt. Take enough exercise. I know it is difficult, these burgers taste so nice, don’t they. And I am partial to a nice cake, give me a whipped cream eclair any time day or night. But if I want to be a bit older, just to see the grandchildren getting married then hey presto, I am not letting the Titanic sink!

I am so happy!

Just for your information – This morning I was very lucky indeed to be one of the first to receive the new Russian version of the Covid-19 vaccine named SputnikAce6. Up to now everything is going well, no side effects or secondarioski Я так рада, что получила эту вакцину, и не могу отблагодарить своего друга Влада!

Влад Цепеш

Ed - adapted from my son's web-site in good ol' Dutchland.

High-flyers landing on very hard ground....


It must be obvious now, the government does not trust teachers to make the right choices! The constant interference in educational matters is quite something to behold. However you look at it the government, well at least the Ministry for Education and its high flying supremo, Gavin the Magnificent, thinks that teachers tend to overrate their pupils to make themselves look good. OK, that might be the case in some instances but in the main, from where I am sitting as a school governor, that is far from the truth. So, now the high flying supremo has landed, not just nicely on a runway but crashed down on very rocky ground and is now trying to climb out of the wreckage. We might well ask why are governments so insistent on running education? On top of it we should also ask where is the Civil Service in all of this? It will not take away that ministers are holding the can, e.g are responsible but surely it is time to look at the role of the CS! To have this many calamities, the government is already walking on wobbly legs. Time for Boris to put all this behind him and start again. Stop listening to ‘experts’, in my working life I found that ‘experts’ have only one string on their bow. And sing a tune that tends to overbear any and all others. Get some people who are looking to the society we have and want to improve it and moreover take the planet seriously. No need for specialists in top government, it asks for trouble.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Power corrupting? Or a way to riches?


Genoeg is genoeg: het is tijd om hier een einde aan te maken; het is tijd voor deze politici (allemaal, geen uitzonderingen) om de macht en Libanon in één keer te verlaten. Niemand wil ze nog als leider omdat ze allemaal incompetent, egoïstisch, gewetenloze leugenaars zijn.

The above excerpt in the Dutch language is part of a Quora report about Lebanon and the explosion in Beirut. It says about corrupt politicians who knew the danger but did not do anything for years. It says that they must cede power at once because of their incompetence, egotism and lies.

Well, it is a damning article written by a Lebanese man about the standard of public figures. We might well ask, why are politicians so reviled? Is there a grain of truth in such allegations?

We all know the proverb about how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?

I suppose it is true because I remember the furore about one of our MPs charging the public purse (on his expense sheet) for a duckpond in his castle garden. And there have been quite a number of MPs who charged for second homes (which is allowed) but either rented it out or let their family members live in it free! So yes, when in power and therefore easy access to money and influence the case can be made that some will fail. The problem with politicians is that they want to be seen to please everybody. So lying becomes second nature. To say to a constituent, 'no I cannot do that or this is impossible' would, it is thought, harm re-election.

Many politicians, existing and future seem to forget what it is about. It is about servicing the community, the country and its standing. Proper financial control, proper division of resources and good infrastructure so all benefit. It is certainly not about personal advancement or enrichment. And one of the most difficult thing for a politician, learn the ability to say no but in a kind and responsible manner with explanations as to why it is No and not Yes. On top of that we, the great unwashed should not expect that politicians can make our lives easy. That after all is in our own hands. Difficult to understand? Ask the Lebanese what they think!

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Live normal? Or more normal...


Puleeese give us a break! Army general (Major General to be precise) Jones is hauled before a military panel. Why? Oh he romped with a married woman. On top of that a lieutenant-colonel has accused him of bullying. I wonder why. Just asking a question here, is the Army pussyfooting around nowadays? Do we now need to see adverts, join the Army but only if you do not have sex, keep your mouth shut, don’t swear and you read girlie magazines. This ‘woke’ Britain is getting silly.

The whole society we know is changing and that is because we pander to idiots, we listen to all sorts of drivel. Why? Because it is the only thing we hear because the silent ‘normal’ majority stays silent. Just read the stuff on Facebook or Twitter. I am not sure whether younger people, the 20’s-35’s are fit to lead this nation or indeed any nation. From where I am sitting I see a changing world. Simply because it is always changing but now accelerating. Most of us cannot cope with change. For instance Corona-19 virus is not really an extra-ordinary thing. I am sure it or something like it has been around for a lot longer than these last few months. What’s more there any thousands more viruses just waiting in the wings. Again this is normal. What is not normal is how we react, how we are leaving ourselves open to disease. Why? Overcrowding because people congregate in larger and larger cities. On top of that a heck of a lot are pretty unhygienic.

Take the wet markets in China, look at South America and places in Asia like India, Afghanistan just to name a few. Pretty all  Egyptians live in Cairo, even in cemeteries! Now you begin to understand why we are as we are today. So far that’s the negative side of things. Are there plus points perhaps? Well, of course, we are fast moving into a society run on electricity and hydrogen fuel cells. Apparently even for planes! That by the way will still heat up the atmosphere because that’s what energy, all energy does. But there will be less carbon and therefore less containing the sun’s heat. On top of that we just have to become used to less. Less travel, less consuming everything we lay our hands on. Less land degradation. Not easy, humans are creatures of habit and habits are difficult to break. It will be fun I told my grandson, he looked at me with a scowl on his face.

Ed 15/8/2020

The general has been cleared, good. Now back to normal. But remember some marriages do break down, so deal with it in a responsible manner. There will be no right or wrong. But be strong enough to say, sorry it no longer works and split evenly. And above all remember the rights of any children. They need both parents whether separated or not.

Friday, 7 August 2020

Covid-19 Physical changes?


Seeing a picture in a national newspaper and on the web as well of our esteemed Prime Minister I just wondered what an attack of Covid-19 really does to the body?  Ah well, it's how I normally look getting out of bed early in the morning.

(Picture from a TV satirical program – Spitting Image. Reported in the Sun Newspaper 7/8/2020)


Blue skies over Dover...or is it grey?

 More reports coming in daily of small dinghies seen in the Channel (the Dover Straits or if you are French la Manche). Obviously the problem is getting worse not better despite those beautiful words spoken by our incredibly intelligent politicians. They keep on and on, it has to be stopped and basically that’s it. Now I am quite aware why immigrants want to move to the UK, anyone with a brain and cognitive powers can. But and there is always a but, you also have to know the pressures this can and mostly will, bring to established services and infrastructure. There are now some 68million humans in the UK, that alone already is far too much for ensuring that local farming and industry can cope. So we are dependent on massively importing foodstuffs and industrial equipment. Presently that seems to be working even though the coronavirus has made things a bit difficult (so to say!). Will this continue? Viewing present policy, speeches et al by our esteemed politicians they think it will. Say a lot, show you are in charge but do absolutely nothing.

However, the virus shows that our defences are virtually non-existent. Our preparations, our awareness of what life is really all about is zero. This will also continue and so the next time a virus appears we will be in the same old boat. To get back to immigrants, they too will continue and in ever greater numbers as the criminal cartels that operate this activity will get better boats and get better organised which in turn will attract yet more immigrants. It must be obvious the French authorities look at the problem with stopped ears and half-closed eyes. Therefore the ball is in our court. Who is handling the tennis racket to hit the ball back? Or rather turn the boats, dinghies, kayaks and canoes and even inflatable kid’s toys back? Have we still got a navy? All questions that should float around our collective minds. So, Boris, Priti if you are actually alive and not holographic images, get on with it. After all that’s one of the reasons we voted for you!

Ed 8/8/2020

Looking at this morning's BBC News and Ceefax a good report from Calais. Despite what the French say, we saw a boat (dinghy) being put to see with up to 20 people. No police in sight. Again and again we hear British politicians say 'It's appalling, it has to stop'. But nothing is actually taking place except we pick up the self-same immigrants. Which is exactly what the smugglers know and bank on. What I may say now will shock - turn the dinghies around mid-channel. It will only take 4 or 6 Border cutters, fast boats who will continually patrol, day and night. If needed tow them back. Do not, I say NOT land them in Dover or anywhere else on the UK coast. By now it has to be obvious that most immigrants are not asylum seekers, they are looking for a new life. I understand that but there are proper ways to do this. Besides what is wrong with asking asylum in France? It is one of the nicest countries in Europe but with a joke of a government. You cannot have everything it seems.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Brickie bonanza? Britain concreted over? Yeah, believe it...

One would always think that things could not be worse from yesterday. But you could well be wrong!. Reading various reports from the BBC’s Ceefax pages will show you the most irritating news. Mr Kendrick, Housing Minister has taken steps in a process that will re-write Planning law. Now I would not state here that the present planning laws are brilliant but what is proposed now is astoundingly idiotic. Let me explain, developers will be getting automatic, yes AUTOMATIC permission to build homes. Now, what do you think will happen if that goes through? I do accept that homes need to be built, people need affordable, sound places to live with their families. But you only have to look at how people behave because another report says that people are moving out of the cities to get a place in the countryside. That’s thanks to the virus of course. More, people are now buying second hand low quality cars because no-one wants to go to work by bus, tram or train any more. All quite understandable I suppose. But putting all these things together you will see a worrying future. I am afraid that I have lost faith in government, they are no more than tinkers. That means again we have stop-gap government. Policies made on the hoof, without much thought just because it is thought that’s what people want. This present government, sorry Boris, is no more than a sound-bite entity trying to please everyone by sweet talking. I really wonder what Covid-19 does to the brain?

I have noticed in the past how developers behave, even in a small town in the Rhondda. The machinations, the pressure and alleged corruption. But it is how we all behave, generally speaking. When the leash is off the dogs run (and so do we).

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Human rights, yeah and what then?

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. They apply regardless of where you are from, what you believe or how you choose to live your life. They can never be taken away, although they can sometimes be restricted – for example if a person breaks the law, or in the interests of national security. These basic rights are based on shared values like dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence. These values are defined and protected by law. In Britain our human rights are protected by the Human Rights Act 1998. (

Very laudable I’d say. And there is more, not just those few sentences above. We have the European Convention, we have International Human Rights. Brilliant. Is it? Well, it really depends how you look at it and where you are situated on the planet. Let’s have a look at the basics. What are your rights when you are born as an Eskimo? As an Amazonian Indian living in the darkest middle? Or as a Mongol in a yurt? It seems to me that the only thing that matters then is the care, the love of parents. If that is not available then blooey go your rights. You’ll be dead. Obviously human rights are simply a set of ideas set up, agreed by many different governments and then argued over. If we are scrupulously honest we note that human rights are really zero. It is only when people actually care they may mean something. It is only when things appear to go wrong on a personal level people start to shout about human rights. We should ask, OK human rights, great but have chimpanzees rights? Gorillas? All other animals? They are born, they are alive! What about trees? They are alive too. In principle, I’d agree with the drawn up laws of Human Rights, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, meaning the test of the law is in the actual use of it, the why and what for. And my friends that’s where it fails in many, many ways. I go by a few simple ways of living. As a Christian I go by ‘Treat your neighbour as you would want to be treated yourself’. Factually ‘neighbour’ meaning everybody and everything else. Human rights? No, not really but a personal moral way of living. Caring about others whether white, black, pink or grey.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Rubbish? What the ...

And so a new era has arrived, the post Brexit, post Covid era. There is a worrying trend which I noticed, probably also noticed by many aged persons, and that is the uncanny behaviour of young people. Young people are very good at protesting about all sorts of issues, amongst other things, the use of palm oil, plastic in the oceans and seas, CO2 and global warming and lately of course racism. Wonderful you’d say, it’s about time. But then these self-same young people when gathering in large groups, leave the most astonishing amount of rubbish. Even where I live, a small town in South Wales which I call Rubbish Town because of fly-blown detritus like small bits of paper and plastic, things are not as bad as that which was seen in Cardiff a day or so ago. Unbelievable. People dropped everything imaginable. Plastic everywhere, left-over food, drinks, cans, you name it. I know, the world is the world and things happen but we all could take a bit more care about the way we behave. It is, as far as I see it, a British disease. Protesting about anything and everything under the sun and then completely ignoring the reasons what they were protesting about. It is also one of the reasons why Covid-19 is so virulent in the UK. We have probably more deaths per 1,000 than most European nations. Even Spain? That’s because our young people are mostly ignoring what they are asked to do. Abide by the reasonable requests the government has made. It doesn’t bode well for the future. Perhaps this whole episode is the beginning of the end for humanity. Watch this space!

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Have another prosecco before you can't afford it anymore...

Having been mesmerised for nearly a year now about the ‘Wags War’, yes the war between two footballer’s wives. Coleen and Rebekah. Great stuff, I am drooling. But should I?

You know it is a bit stupid, don’t you think? Two adult (?) females at war over so-called social media messages about who said what or nothing at all? Frankly, who cares? The only people who are going to be extremely happy are those in the legal profession. Neither of the ladies in question are going to be any better off, in fact are going to lose more money than I will earn in ten years! The next thing we will see is the reports of their holidays in far flung places. Damn the Covid virus, I want my prosecco on a beach in South America. May I point out that these people are frankly nobodies? Wives of footballers, a couple of excellent footballers mind but footballers nevertheless. Wives who do nothing more or so it seems but looking at Twitter and Facebook. Two of the most derogatory and vile emanations of consummate bile that ever existed. If you believe everything on social media, you need to see a psychiatrist quickly. And that is exactly what these two need to do when back from their beach cavorting photo sessions. For the sake of their families.

Get rid of the BBC? Oh yes, please...

Ever since 1967 when I arrived in this great country I have liked the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), first and foremost to properly learn the language. This because despite Indians and Pakistanis getting leaflets in their own language, Dutch was not one of them. Nevertheless I did OK with my school learned stuff. But now the BBC has embarked upon destroying this nation’s self-belief. People like Maitlis and to some extent all other newsreaders as well plus those who host these abysmal chat programmes have no love for this country, nor our great heroes. Poor Winston Churchill who can be named as one of the great saviours in times of greatest need. To lambaste him without even mentioning the truly horrendous things the German nation and yes, the Russians as well did to their populations and the Jewish people is by far akin to treason! Where have these people got their education from and by whom? Is it also an indication of the state of our education system? Do all teachers and lecturers get their ideas from the BBC? Or is this the sign that the elite (!) have taken leave of their senses? I think the educators have taken the views the BBC has purveyed for years. Portraying the past on the basis of today’s technology. So the knights of yore were simple morons and bloodthirsty vampires. I have always viewed history as a way of looking at past mistakes and so would be better off by trying to improve our methods. Today I worry about the BBC having taken it upon itself to educate! It is high time to disband the BBC and start again with a service that is free and unbiased. Besides we shall have got rid of these massive costs and 'salaries' to 'stars'. Two million to 'luminaries' like Lineker? I wouldn't even pay him a tenner! That's why OAP's now have to foot the bill, again. Shame on you BBC. So, get lost.