Friday, 17 July 2020

There are Judges and then there are British judges...

It must now be quite evident that British judges live in a different world than everyone else. We here apparently judge people, people like the jihadis, possibly Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, you name it there must be hundreds if not thousands of similar people with similar ideas, we judge them on terms that pertain in our present timid, shallow, ‘woke’ society. These people, jihadis or whatever you want to call them are criminals, simple as that. If you cut off somebody’s head that is murder, and in the first degree. I don’t care whether that happens here or there. Helping to hold the knife makes you an accessory to murder. This is very difficult to understand for UK judges. Sipping the afternoon sherry a bit too much they pick up a Mills and Boon romance novel and swoon over memories of their first fumble under the elm tree on their estates. Then after a few more sherries they remember reading about a land called Utopia and lo and behold their judgement springs forth like a ray of moonshine whilst werewolves howl in the distance.

If you think reading this I had a few sherries, you might be right, trying to drown my sorrows.

The point of all this is this – jihadis, even women, girls whatever who have committed these atrocious crimes in another country must be tried and judged in that country. If that is impossible due to a civil war raging they must be judged/tried by the War Crimes court in the Hague. Another thing we might need is to build special jails and research needs to done to find out how people get brainwashed to that extent that beheading becomes a normal day-to-day activity.
Now that I am recalling my own military service I am sure there was a rule that said if you take service in another country you automatically lose your citizenship. Not sure if that rule still applies, because the latest judgement here seems to contravene that rule. I am sure that if you enrol in the French Foreign legion you lose your UK status. So, joining ISIS which portrays itself as a national army you must lose your UK status. There is no need for a judge to say otherwise. Now, I am not a lawyer or even employed in the legal profession so I might or could be wrong. Enlighten me by telling us chapter and verse, thank you.

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