Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Sweet Talking politics? Oh yeah...

It is basically as I said before – politics is just talk. Talk and no action. Take the problem of uncontrolled migration. We know it has been going on for years. Despite all the encouraging words, yes even from Ms Priti Patel, one of the better Home Secretaries, we still hear and see that hundreds attempt to cross the Channel. We hear ‘It cannot go on’, we hear ‘They must be returned’, we hear ‘France has to do more’. Well, frankly so far so good, the words spoken are great. But now we see a picture in the Sun showing literally hundreds of inflatables stacked up in a Dover warehouse. Oh yes, inflatables, canoes, even kayaks. So, what about returning then? Besides the people that were in those boats are also still here. So much for ‘We will return them’. I am not arguing the points about the why and wherefore immigrants wish to come to the UK. I think we all know quite well, why. And I’m sure this will not end soon either despite Ms Patel’s fine words. Because as I have said before, or at least indicated we are governed by an elite, a political elite. Who have no interest but their own survival, perks and salaries. Government by the people for the people? It always has been a dream. We are governed by elitists and aristocrats. These people have no interest at all as has been shown over and over again in questions that bother the general population. Questions like housing, and decent pay amongst others. The elite just mouth the same old platitudes. Look at Boris, I would say I thought he would make a difference but so far whether keelhauled by Covid-19 or not, he has failed to make an impact. Well, perhaps it was better to have had the Socialist Tsar Jeremy at the helm. He wanted to spend money like water, everyone including me laughed but hey what now? We are spending more than even he indicated.

So, it is no wonder that most people tend to think ‘To hell with it, I’ll go to the beach, virus or no virus’. This because the leadership has been here and there and got lost in the woods.

If I had to follow all the directives, suggestions, rules and regulations I should have emigrated to the Antarctic by far the safest place expect for the plastic pollution. Well, there it is, it is now July and I am looking forward to seeing many more boats arriving whilst Ms Patel is singing ‘Blue Birds over Dover’.

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