Thursday, 9 July 2020

May I have an opinion?

Asking a question today – Why are ‘woke’ people so determined to ‘silence’ the great majority? Let me explain that in some more detail. I am referring to the famous and now ‘infamous’ author JK Rowling. You must excuse me but wasn’t she right in saying that only women menstruate? She might not have said that in those exact words but she was unmistakable in what she said. Now, forgive me but I have never seen or heard of a man doing exactly that? Unless we dig some fossils up that would suggest otherwise? Or we discover some African or lost Amazonian tribe where we are astounded to discover that menstruation was across the board. Lovely, how diverse nature can be without operations!.

The point about all of this is – Why do we listen to this kind of piffle? Even worse, take action? How many now have had to resign their position, or lost their job and livelihood because a vocal woke minority were screaming their heads off? Are we not entitled to have an opinion any more? I do respect people just the same even if they hold opposite views to mine! I think the problem is that gender boundaries, in fact all boundaries of almost anything else have been blurred. It was not particularly helpful for ‘luvvies’ like the stars of the Harry Potter films to come out with the drivel reported in great detail by the newspapers. Either the reports were wrong or hyped up or the stars did not have a clue what they were talking about. I think it was probably the latter. It is pretty well known that the mental capacity of most celebrities is less than 25 on the IQ scale. Most of their thinking seems to be centred on the nether regions if you know what I mean.

It is high time to enforce the right to free speech. We are entitled to our views and should be able to express these.

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