Wednesday, 29 July 2020

A Bright Future? Perhaps...

Listening to the news on TV is normally never a happy occasion I suppose. As bad news is common and good news is so rare that we might see aliens land before we hear any. Ah well it is what it is. But I constantly hear about getting the economy on track. This is by all sorts of people, so-called experts, news-readers, politicians, you name it and you hear it. There is one thing no-one seems to get into their heads, if we want the world to become healthier, that is to say better air to breathe, clean seas and oceans, good waste recycling then the economy too will have to change to that scenario. I explain – cars will not be produced in such quantity and no internal combustion engine. Trains will have to be totally electric, or even completely re-designed to be mag-lev. The holiday industry will mostly disappear insofar world-wide travel is concerned. And there are many more things that will have to be reformatted. In fact the whole economic system needs to be re-designed. But above all we, the people need to alter our life-styles, alter our aspirations to a sustainable level. We have to be scrupulously honest and agree we are on the wrong train to Smartville.

To get the economy on track as they indicate, just means we are merrily carrying on with fouling our own nest. Instead of continually talking about climate and what we should do and aim for, just start doing it, now! It will not be an easy task, to repair what we have already damaged will take time and money and we might have to wield the knife heavily. Many of us will not want to do that but if we do not then we will have totally failed our children, and grand-children including all future generations.

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