Wednesday, 29 July 2020

A Bright Future? Perhaps...

Listening to the news on TV is normally never a happy occasion I suppose. As bad news is common and good news is so rare that we might see aliens land before we hear any. Ah well it is what it is. But I constantly hear about getting the economy on track. This is by all sorts of people, so-called experts, news-readers, politicians, you name it and you hear it. There is one thing no-one seems to get into their heads, if we want the world to become healthier, that is to say better air to breathe, clean seas and oceans, good waste recycling then the economy too will have to change to that scenario. I explain – cars will not be produced in such quantity and no internal combustion engine. Trains will have to be totally electric, or even completely re-designed to be mag-lev. The holiday industry will mostly disappear insofar world-wide travel is concerned. And there are many more things that will have to be reformatted. In fact the whole economic system needs to be re-designed. But above all we, the people need to alter our life-styles, alter our aspirations to a sustainable level. We have to be scrupulously honest and agree we are on the wrong train to Smartville.

To get the economy on track as they indicate, just means we are merrily carrying on with fouling our own nest. Instead of continually talking about climate and what we should do and aim for, just start doing it, now! It will not be an easy task, to repair what we have already damaged will take time and money and we might have to wield the knife heavily. Many of us will not want to do that but if we do not then we will have totally failed our children, and grand-children including all future generations.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Byd Newydd yn dod?

Onid yw’r amseroedd’n rhyfedd? Hyd yn oed mewn lle bach mewn cornel dawel o Gymru fel y Rhondda! A mae firus yn rheoli bywyd o pobl i gyd. Sef Covid19 a ffliw, wrth gwrs.

Er bod mwy o geir ar ein ffordd a mae pobl wedi dechrau dychwelyd i’w gwaithle dydy’r economi dim yn perfformio yn dda eto. Mae siopau’n adrodd gwerthiannau is na’r disgwyl.

Ond fel dywedais o’r blaen, rhaid i ni’n addasu ein cymdeithasau fel rydym ni ddim yn taflu dim i ffwrdd o gwbl. Ailgylchu i gyd. Rhaid i ni datblygu y drafnidiaeth gyhoeddus yn y fath fodd fel gyrru ceir dim ond yw am cludo nwyddau . Efallai rhywbeth tebyg faniau trydan bach yn dod gyda nwyddau o bwynt ganolog. A gallai Cymru fod ar y blaen yn natblygiad o'r fath.

Maglev, llwybrau lȏn fysiau arbennig dim chaniateir unrhyw draffig arall. Bydden ni angen ail-datblygu trefi, yn enwedig mewn lleoedd fel y Rhondda. Bydd tai newydd yn cael eu hadeiladu fod defnyddio y gwres o gannwyll sengl. Rhaid trydan fod wneud o paneli solar ar to i gyd bob man.

Yn wir, bydd yn fyd wahanol. Felly, gadwch i ni ei symud ac yn gyflym. Cyn i ni i gyd ffrio!

Nodyn, Dw wedi geisio sgrifennu erthygl bach yng Ngymraeg am pryd cyntaf. Os mae gamgymeridau’n darganfod, dim boeni!

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Sweet Talking politics? Oh yeah...

It is basically as I said before – politics is just talk. Talk and no action. Take the problem of uncontrolled migration. We know it has been going on for years. Despite all the encouraging words, yes even from Ms Priti Patel, one of the better Home Secretaries, we still hear and see that hundreds attempt to cross the Channel. We hear ‘It cannot go on’, we hear ‘They must be returned’, we hear ‘France has to do more’. Well, frankly so far so good, the words spoken are great. But now we see a picture in the Sun showing literally hundreds of inflatables stacked up in a Dover warehouse. Oh yes, inflatables, canoes, even kayaks. So, what about returning then? Besides the people that were in those boats are also still here. So much for ‘We will return them’. I am not arguing the points about the why and wherefore immigrants wish to come to the UK. I think we all know quite well, why. And I’m sure this will not end soon either despite Ms Patel’s fine words. Because as I have said before, or at least indicated we are governed by an elite, a political elite. Who have no interest but their own survival, perks and salaries. Government by the people for the people? It always has been a dream. We are governed by elitists and aristocrats. These people have no interest at all as has been shown over and over again in questions that bother the general population. Questions like housing, and decent pay amongst others. The elite just mouth the same old platitudes. Look at Boris, I would say I thought he would make a difference but so far whether keelhauled by Covid-19 or not, he has failed to make an impact. Well, perhaps it was better to have had the Socialist Tsar Jeremy at the helm. He wanted to spend money like water, everyone including me laughed but hey what now? We are spending more than even he indicated.

So, it is no wonder that most people tend to think ‘To hell with it, I’ll go to the beach, virus or no virus’. This because the leadership has been here and there and got lost in the woods.

If I had to follow all the directives, suggestions, rules and regulations I should have emigrated to the Antarctic by far the safest place expect for the plastic pollution. Well, there it is, it is now July and I am looking forward to seeing many more boats arriving whilst Ms Patel is singing ‘Blue Birds over Dover’.

Friday, 17 July 2020

There are Judges and then there are British judges...

It must now be quite evident that British judges live in a different world than everyone else. We here apparently judge people, people like the jihadis, possibly Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, you name it there must be hundreds if not thousands of similar people with similar ideas, we judge them on terms that pertain in our present timid, shallow, ‘woke’ society. These people, jihadis or whatever you want to call them are criminals, simple as that. If you cut off somebody’s head that is murder, and in the first degree. I don’t care whether that happens here or there. Helping to hold the knife makes you an accessory to murder. This is very difficult to understand for UK judges. Sipping the afternoon sherry a bit too much they pick up a Mills and Boon romance novel and swoon over memories of their first fumble under the elm tree on their estates. Then after a few more sherries they remember reading about a land called Utopia and lo and behold their judgement springs forth like a ray of moonshine whilst werewolves howl in the distance.

If you think reading this I had a few sherries, you might be right, trying to drown my sorrows.

The point of all this is this – jihadis, even women, girls whatever who have committed these atrocious crimes in another country must be tried and judged in that country. If that is impossible due to a civil war raging they must be judged/tried by the War Crimes court in the Hague. Another thing we might need is to build special jails and research needs to done to find out how people get brainwashed to that extent that beheading becomes a normal day-to-day activity.
Now that I am recalling my own military service I am sure there was a rule that said if you take service in another country you automatically lose your citizenship. Not sure if that rule still applies, because the latest judgement here seems to contravene that rule. I am sure that if you enrol in the French Foreign legion you lose your UK status. So, joining ISIS which portrays itself as a national army you must lose your UK status. There is no need for a judge to say otherwise. Now, I am not a lawyer or even employed in the legal profession so I might or could be wrong. Enlighten me by telling us chapter and verse, thank you.

Thursday, 9 July 2020

May I have an opinion?

Asking a question today – Why are ‘woke’ people so determined to ‘silence’ the great majority? Let me explain that in some more detail. I am referring to the famous and now ‘infamous’ author JK Rowling. You must excuse me but wasn’t she right in saying that only women menstruate? She might not have said that in those exact words but she was unmistakable in what she said. Now, forgive me but I have never seen or heard of a man doing exactly that? Unless we dig some fossils up that would suggest otherwise? Or we discover some African or lost Amazonian tribe where we are astounded to discover that menstruation was across the board. Lovely, how diverse nature can be without operations!.

The point about all of this is – Why do we listen to this kind of piffle? Even worse, take action? How many now have had to resign their position, or lost their job and livelihood because a vocal woke minority were screaming their heads off? Are we not entitled to have an opinion any more? I do respect people just the same even if they hold opposite views to mine! I think the problem is that gender boundaries, in fact all boundaries of almost anything else have been blurred. It was not particularly helpful for ‘luvvies’ like the stars of the Harry Potter films to come out with the drivel reported in great detail by the newspapers. Either the reports were wrong or hyped up or the stars did not have a clue what they were talking about. I think it was probably the latter. It is pretty well known that the mental capacity of most celebrities is less than 25 on the IQ scale. Most of their thinking seems to be centred on the nether regions if you know what I mean.

It is high time to enforce the right to free speech. We are entitled to our views and should be able to express these.

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Statistics and nothing but statistics...

And so we are going back to normal. Whatever normal is. Apparently humanity cannot wait to get sloshed as fast as possible. Be it visiting a pub in England (Wales is still dry) or taking a flight to the shagging beaches of Spain. It’s all the same I suppose except the sun burns a happy 40 degrees Celsius in Spain whilst in Blighty we swelter with 10 degrees and a storm or two. Copious rain to boot. Happy days!

There is a story to tell here and for those listening they can see and hear the thunder and lightning on the horizon. You might have thought the various governments would have taken the opportunity to have a serious look at how society has to be if we are serious about curtailing humanity’s gaseous outpourings. I am not talking about bodily emanations, no indeed! We are talking billions of tons of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxides amongst others. Talking about bodily emanations we should not forget those made by our cattle! There are now nearly 8 billion human on this mudball!  Graph from Wikipedia. (

You should ask this – can we actually support so many humans? We tend to not think about that in the western world as we in the main eat more than we should and have a home to go to. That is not true in a lot of other places. India or rather Asia has plenty of problems, the favelas in Brazil are another show of poverty and deprivation. Even here in the UK we have to struggle with deprivation, homelessness and poverty! I suppose it is not much different in other European countries , the US being the so-called richest nation on Earth has plenty to worry about as well.

Looking at the graph you will note that all these pressures are not that old. The graph really takes off at around the end of WW2. The type of graph worries me, I studied some elementary Statistics and in that you learn about Normal Distribution.

And the graph shows the beginning. These graphs go to the top and then tall off in the shape of a bell.

This means there will be a point at which the population number can no longer be supported and will start to decline. This decline might be rapid through starvation and diseases. Bearing in mind that the upward curve will bottom out probably before 2100 by 2150 there will be only a remnant left. Rest assured this process is natural, it cannot be stopped unless you change the reasons why the curve is going upward. That simply means adjusting lifestyles to levels that will not change the composition of the atmosphere, proper land-use and prohibiting the petrol/diesel combustion engine, including aviation engines. It is a sobering thought but there is still time and things like gas pollution can be improved quickly as this coronavirus period has shown through less car driving and virtually no aircraft flying. There it is, the choice is ours. It literally is let live or let die.