Monday, 15 June 2020

Woke Britain is very much alive...

Blimey, woke Britain is alive and very well. Churchill started WW2, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini are the good guys. Google made Churchill disappear according to the newspapers from their WW2 commanders article. Well, why not, Google does as it fits the bill. Whatever bill that is.

Will Google now rewrite history? Probably, it seems they keep idiots employed. You know the type, social liberal lefties with a humanities degree. Most likely Home Economics. Or nowadays in how to cut hair. I think that very soon you could get a PHd in researching the best way to wash up the dishes. According to my wife I am already the best.Perhaps I should work for Google except I am now retired from such frivolity.

But as I mentioned in a previous article, Britain is in danger of pandering to stupid and irresponsible demands from aforementioned lefties. And opposed by their opposite number, the ultra right ‘nationalistic’ vigilantes. Neither have a real clue as what is really at stake. You only have to look at how totalitarian states and regimes treat their own people to see the results. Whether based on religious or social principles I leave for others to discuss; I don’t care because I want to live in what I term a free society. It has to be understood by all that freedom comes with a set of rules. Usually these are embodied in a constitution. The UK has no constitution and perhaps we need to look at that but rules there have to be. Simply because 66million people cannot all live in castles or at the sea side, so to say. So, let’s calm down and start a proper dialogue with various bodies to see where we go next in our quest for equality. Because I feel that is the only thing that matters.

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