Saturday, 20 June 2020

What next Boris? Dither some more?

Boris, Boris, Boris, yes Boris the PM. Please my man stop listening to those ill informed specialists. Especially when they have a left-bias and most have! The trouble with Boris is that he doesn’t seem to be his ebullient self at the moment. He dithers. One minute he says schools are back, next minute they are not because the unions didn’t like it. Who cares a toss about unions right now? The TUC supremo, I cannot remember her name, has only been seen once on TV and besides smiling didn’t say much. Just wondering if she disappeared to her summer house in the wilds of Scotland? That other chief, of Unite seems more talkative, well at least he manages to get his point over. One thing that Boris likes is a barbecue, we can now have one. Carry on with the holiday Boris, just look now and again at the sharply rising national debt. Anyone thought yet at how this is going to be paid? Well, National Insurance for businesses will be cut but most likely upped for every worker. That alone is interesting because we may look at 5,000,000 unemployed. Boris, Boris stop listening and for once act! You promised much but so far have done little. Yes, the virus has scuppered a lot of action that otherwise would have happened. Stop listening to the opposition, stop arguing with that failed MI5 guy or was it MI6, who cares. Act, we might not like it, we probably will hate you but we pay you to make the unpopular popular. If you want yourself and the Conservatives to be in government after the next general election, start acting now!

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