Friday, 19 June 2020

Some hard truths?

Sometimes newspapers carry funny bits of information. According to Rod Liddle my fav journo, scientists in Japan are predicting that within 20 years or so, we will be communicating with animals. That’s useful. I can ask the cat, do you love me? Answer – ‘Love YOU? What the f…, I don’t even like you. You are a dweeb, put out my food on time, you plonker and get off the settee, it’s mine’! Some slightly altered sentence from Rod.

There will be some very interesting discussions, I’m sure. Or words to that effect. Anyway, it might be fun, if it’s true and are bothered to spend money and time on such research. But then the Japanese? My cat doesn’t speak Japanese, but likes sushi though. So, it might work. ‘Here kitty, kitty, how about some hara-kiri, sorry sushi’?

Joking apart though, has anyone ever thought why this Covid-19 has been so rampant? I was watching a programme on the Freesat Channel called Abandoned Engineering, it was showing some very large abandoned buildings in Germany. Buildings that were built in the late 1800’s. Solitary palaces set in woodland. It was amazing to learn that these were a type of hospitals. One disease that was so rampant was tuberculosis. There was no antidote, no vaccination. It killed 80% of those who caught it. Any reverberations in our brains yet? I picked up quickly it was the amount of people that had moved into the conurbations. Berlin in particular. So, yet again, it is the closeness, the squalor, the unhygienic situations that had allowed a serious disease to spread. It is the same every time. Today coronavirus spreads so easily because of the number of people travelling God knows where, all across the globe. We are now popping over to New York for a meeting, for Pete’s sake. And we are still unhygienic! Look at some public toilets, in aircraft, trains (if you can find one), or buses. Look at the rubbish thrown away, some just on the roads. Does everyone brush their teeth? Ask your dentist (if you can find one). Washing hands is just too much work for some...

The truth is just us humans who are guilty of bringing these diseases to all. Through fouling our living space, the earth, the seas and oceans, the very air we breathe. To congregating in thousands, even millions, time after time. I have mentioned before, human numbers have reached a plateau. But worse, humans now are moving towards areas of the world where the climate is still within comfortable range. So Europe will have to accommodate millions within the next 30 to 50 years. You can see this behaviour now, by the number that just want to reach the UK. So, no easy answers but I do think we need a type of politician, even all politicians, who are not afraid taking hard, sometimes unpopular decisions. We need people who can see clearly that we need good, sound policies to plan for a land that can support its citizens AND all that lives there. Nature should be uppermost in everything.

We need to forget what WE want, we need to remember what the world we depend on wants and needs.

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